What Horror Game Needs A Remake?

What Horror Game Needs A Remake?

It’s the spooky season, and we’ve been making all kinds of lists and posts about spooky games.

In terms of spooky games, we’re seeing all sorts of horror games from years ago getting remakes. Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and System Shock are all examples of games that are not only getting remakes, but were iconic horror titles in their own right.

In saying this, I thought it would be good to do a community post asking a very simple question:

What horror game, from any era, do you want/need a current-generation remake of?

My personal game for this question would definitely be Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon for the Nintendo Wii. I know this may not traditionally be considered a horror game, but I think a current-generation version of this one could really hike up the spooky factory and make it a truly terrifying experience.

I decided to ask some of my coworkers the same question, and here are some of their responses:

The original F.E.A.R. was genuinely so spooky, which was wild considering it was also a big noisy stupid first-person shooter from the 2000’s. It walked this action-horror tightrope in a way that felt like it probably shouldn’t work, but did. The jumpscares never felt cheap, and when you knew Alma was near, it made your stomach clench. Great, great stuff. I’d love to see it get a reboot. – David Smith

Timesplitters 2! All-time great PS2-era FPS with such a unique aesthetic to all of its different time periods. Get the guys who did Wolfenstein on it because the humour and style seems like its up their alley. – Chris Neill

Genuinely want a remake of DOOM 1993/DOOM 2 with the current gen mechanics and engine. I need more DOOM. – Zac Kelly

Although I’ve just been informed that Control exists, I would still like to see a bigger studio make a slick SCP game. I have fond memories of passing a USB around the back of the classroom with the zip for Containment Breach and I’d love to explore the fandomverse/project thing through a big game. – Mateus Brandao

I want a modern Duke Nukem game that doesn’t fucking suck please. – Matt Hopkins

And now, I come back to you folks! What horror games from video games past do you think would benefit from a remake with the technology of today? Let us know!

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