Loose Unit Completes 7 Of FromSoft’s Greatest Hits In One Long No-Hit Run

Loose Unit Completes 7 Of FromSoft’s Greatest Hits In One Long No-Hit Run

An incredibly brave and dedicated Twitch streamer has completed a personal marathon of seven From Software games without taking a single hit.

The streamer in question, dinossindgeil, played Demon’s Souls, the Dark Souls trilogy, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring, one after the other in an effort to complete all seven games, in a row, without taking a single hit. If an enemy managed to get a hit in, dinossindgeil (whose name is Nico) would need to go back to Demon’s Souls and start the whole run over.

It took him 120 days and who knows how many attempts to finally, miraculously, get the job done.

After finally overcoming this Sisyphean hell of his own making, Nico did what anyone in his position would do — wept into the arms of his wife with relief. A clip of him revelling in his victory found its way to Twitter shortly thereafter:

What a feat, honestly. I can’t go five minutes in a From Soft game without getting my arse beat. I don’t know how he did it.

Believe it or not, Nico isn’t the first streamer to complete this insane run. The first person to complete this seven-game streak, dubbed The God Run 3, or the SoulsbornekiroRING No Hit Run, was the Spanish streamer BushidoYu, who completed their run in September. But even Bushido had their limits — they completed all seven games, but was sure to take breaks to rest and regroup. No such luck for Nico, who ploughed through all seven games in a single, unbroken marathon.

Here’s Nico’s reaction to Bushido’s mighty (and ultimately inspirational) run, now uploaded to YouTube:

Congratulations, Nico, I hope you get to sleep for a week, mate.

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