Nintendo Shadowdropped Three Great Games During Today’s Indie World Direct

Nintendo Shadowdropped Three Great Games During Today’s Indie World Direct

Folks, we love a shadow drop, and Nintendo is regularly guilty of the odd shadow drop when they decide to broadcast a Direct. Today’s Indie World showcase was no different, as gamers now have three new indie games to sink their teeth into today.

The November 2022 Nintendo Indie World Direct was a real treat, with heaps of upcoming certified indie bangers getting release dates as well as some others getting announced for the first time. Notably, the black-and-white co-op adventure Blanc was confirmed as a Nintendo Switch exclusive with a February 14, 2023 release, which has me giddy as hell.

If you’d like to see our full scoop on the showcase, you can check out Levi’s rundown of the whole thing which includes all the games shown as well as their release dates.

However, this yarn here is to tell you all about the games that were released today and what you can pick up from the Nintendo eShop right now!

Once Upon a Jester

If there’s any member of a medieval court I resonate with the most, it simply has to be the court jester. The bells on my hat, shirt cuffs and shoes that jingle as I walk, as I am a silly little guy. That being said, Once Upon a Jester looks like a real treat.

Once Upon a Jester is an adventure game where you must put on musical improv shows as the protagonists Sok and Jester in order to get closer to the King’s court for the goofiest heist in medieval history.

You can purchase Once Upon a Jester for $19.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

Rogue Legacy 2

The genealogical roguelite is back with a banger of a sequel. In Rogue Legacy, the aim of the game is to fight against monsters and platform through an ever-changing castle until you die. However, if you do die, you don’t come back. Instead, your direct descendant will take over your journey with everything you left behind.

The sequel ditches the pixel graphics and adds all-new enemies and worlds to conquer, as well as new traits and classes for your new hero babies to take advantage of. This sequel is a tried and true revamp of an indie classic.

You can purchase Rogue Legacy 2 for $37.50 on the Nintendo eShop.

A Little To The Left

Ooooh, I’ve been waiting for this one. Everything about A Little To The Left speaks to me. The fact that it was made by a married couple developer, and that it’s based on their own house and their own CAT? It’s so freakin’ wholesome that I want to throw up.

A Little To The Left is a perfectionist’s dream puzzle game where tidying up is key, and persevering through the misdeeds of a very cheeky feline friend is detrimental to your task. The campaign consisted of 75 levels to complete, with an addition new puzzle delivered daily to keep the cozy sorting going. Also, you can pet the cat.

You can purchase A Little To The Left for $22.95 on the Nintendo eShop.

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