Hogwarts Legacy Has Been Delayed On Switch, Last-Gen Platforms

Hogwarts Legacy Has Been Delayed On Switch, Last-Gen Platforms

Hogwarts Legacy will miss its February 10th release date on Switch and last-gen platforms. Last-gen versions will now release on April 4th, with the Switch version pushed out all the way to July 25th.

As spotted by Game Informer, PS5, Series X and PC versions of the anticipated open-world fantasy adventure will still ship on February 10th.

According to developer Avalanche, the decision to delay and stagger the launch of Hogwarts Legacy this way will give it more time to fine-tune each version, suggesting that there is considerable optimisation work to be done. That shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise: developing a future-forward open-world game the size and scale of Hogwarts Legacy means delays are often inevitable. Switch owners, of course, are used to delays of this sort. We are once again asking Nintendo to update the hardware.

An FAQ on the game’s official site now notes that PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game’s Deluxe Edition will not include the 72-hour early access period found in the current-gen versions. That’s potentially a bummer if you’re on older hardware, but by that point the game will have been in the wild for two months, so you can understand why it was removed.

The Deluxe Edition is now the most ‘premium’ version of Hogwarts Legacy available, after copies of its very expensive Collector’s Edition sold out in a day or so.

A final note: JK Rowling is a horrible TERF, and that’s a real shame. Kotaku Australia stands with our trans readers. If you don’t want to buy Hogwarts Legacy, or feel don’t comfortable engaging with any media related to Harry Potter, no matter how much it might have meant to you at any point in your life, we understand, and we support you.