Let’s Get Geralt The Netflix Series Armour In The New Witcher 3 Quest

Let’s Get Geralt The Netflix Series Armour In The New Witcher 3 Quest

Henry Cavill may be out as Geralt in the Netflix Witcher series, but we will always have Doug Cockle as Geralt in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. And now, thanks to the latest next-gen update to the Witcher 3, we can have the best of both worlds. The new update brings “In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow,” a Witcher-worthy side quest that unlocks armour and weaponry from the Netflix show — complete with Renfri’s brooch on Geralt’s steel sword.

Content Warning: While the new quest is very much worth your time, its thematic material concerns plague-stricken people. Given what we’ve all been going through the past two years, you may or may not be up to running around a cave with coughing ghosts and stories of people dying while held in quarantine.

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I had a great time jumping back into the world of The Witcher 3, and the narrative of this new sidequest didn’t disappoint. If you want to just dive in and skip spoilers, simply head to Velen’s Devil’s Pit fast travel point and approach the beleaguered priest of the Eternal Fire and get to some witchering. If you want some more helpful tips on how to prep and get the most out of the quest with a thorough walkthrough, however, keep reading.

Screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku
Screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

Preparing for “In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow,” the Netflix-armour-themed side quest in The Witcher 3

Depending on your level, your experience with “In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow” might vary. Also, you might wantto have certain equipment on you, and should be sure tohave the right crafting materials so you can make the cool Netflix-themed armour as soon as you get the diagrams. Let’s go over a few dos and don’ts.

Don’t: Take on “In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow” until you’re level 15 or higher. Well, you shouldn’t, anyway. If you’re under level 15 (maybe because it’s your first time playing The Witcher 3, or you’ve started a new save), you might want to spend some time with other sidequests to level up and familiarise yourself with the game’s fighting mechanics and crafting systems.

Do: Consider completing Kiera’s quest arc before taking on the new quest. Keira Metz is one of Geralt’s many, many lady friends, nd taking on her quest arc involves a magic lamp that reveals various unseen phenomena. You’ll get to keep it afterwards. While it’s not a prerequisite for “In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow,” it will enrich your narrative experience if you have it on you.

Do: Gather Celandine and a Dwarven Spirit for a quest-related item. Getting into a quest like “In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow” and finding you’re out of specific alchemical components to proceed, well, sucks. Before accepting this quest, make sure you have four Celandine (found in various areas in the wild and purchasable from Tomira in White Orchard, in addition to other herbalist traders in the game) and one Dwarven Spirit (often found in miscellaneous barrels and containers, typically available for sale from various merchants and herbalists). If you’re playing on a save file with some hours on it, you’re likely to have these items already as they’re common alchemical ingredients.

Do: Stock up on armour and weapon crafting components. While you can of course complete “In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow” and craft the armour and swords at your own pace, you should consider stocking up on all the materials so you can go directly to the armorer and blacksmith with everything you need. You’ll need the following items to craft everything at the base level:

  • 11 Leather Scraps
  • 2 Steel Ingots
  • 3 Dark Steel Ingots
  • 1 Monster Bone
  • 3 Silver Ingots
  • 1 Flawless Ruby
  • 1 Powdered Monster Tissue
  • 1 Shirt
  • 2 Cured Draconid Leather
  • 2 Dimeritium Plates
  • 3 Linen
  • 1 Monster Hide
  • 2 Hardened Leather
  • 2 Meteorite Ore
  • 3 Thread
  • 1 Monster Bone
  • 1 Hardened leather
  • 4 Monster Claw
  • 2 Nails
  • 2 Silk
  • 2 Hardened Timber
  • 1 Monster Heart

Do: Consider finishing (or starting) the crafting sidequests before taking on “In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow.” Geralt can brew a mean potion, but he’s no armorer or blacksmith. If you wanted mastercrafted variants of the armour you’ll get from the new sidequest, you’ll need to complete all of Fergus’ crafting quests in Crow’s Perch (where you’ll find out his wife is actually the better craftsman) and Hattori’s quests in Novigrad. These quests are a higher level than “Eternal Fire’s Shadow,” but if you finish them, you can get straight to crafting better versions of the gear you’ll pull from the new quest.

Do: Consider waiting until you meet Lazare Lagargue in the Blood and Wine expansion before finishing this quest. This one is kinda optional, but if you want to cut straight to crafting the grandmaster sets of armour and weapons you’ll get from the quest, this is the guy you’ll need to see.

Do: Wait until you can fast travel to Kaer Mohren before taking on “In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow” quest. The very last step of the quest has you travelling back to the old fortress.

If you’ve been playing The Witcher 3 for a little while, you’re very likely to already have much of these materials and suggested prerequisites. If not, you’ll want to hit up armorers and blacksmiths as they’re likely to have remaining crafting materials. Some of these materials, like the ingots, require crafting themselves. Check your crafting components section in the menu and follow the requirements to make them at an appropriate craftsman shop.

Screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku
Screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

How to get the Netflix-themed Forgotten Wolf School armour and weapons

The new Forgotten Wolf School armour and swords are the rewards for completing the newest Witcher 3 quest.But this is The Witcher 3, so we didn’t just get new cosmetics; we’ve got a whole new, voice-acted, narrative side quest in a game that’s already overflowing with such wonderful diversions.

To start the new quest, go to Velen’s Devil’s Point fast travel sign and approach the exclamation mark on the map. You’ll find a deacon in distress; he’ll ask you to go down and clear out some troublemakers who are trying to get inside a mine where a serious health hazard is being contained. You can negotiate a price with him starting at 200 gold. I was able to talk him into 210, but he got annoyed and said he didn’t have enough when I first pushed him for 250.

After the deal is struck, you’ll head down and take part in some skirmishes with the random deserters. Deal with them and head on into the cave. Inside the cave you may wish to carry a torch or use a Cat potion to see. I personally didn’t find the cave dark enough to bother with these.

As you’re exploring the cave, you will frequently see glowing purple lights — follow those every time to get a Yrden Glyph, as well as more secrets to the story behind the quest. There’s one of these spots immediately when you enter the cave on your right Also, you can use your minimap to know which direction you’re facing as it indicates which way is north (I will refer to various directions using that compass as a reference).

Take the rightmost path when first entering the cave and climb the ledge by jumping. Up here you’ll find a desk with a note from Reinald (he’s important here so you may want to read the whole note and any others you find from him). Read it, grab the torch if you so please and any other loot you might be interested in up there.

Gif: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku
Gif: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

Hop down from this area and head further into the cave. You’ll come upon another note from Reinald pinned to a gate with a knife. Read that and watch a quick cutscene as Geralt realises he’s about to step into some shit.

Past the gate, up on the left, you’ll spot a School of the Wolf symbol (if you’ve taken on other armour quests, these should be familiar to you. These indicate the presence of hidden Witcher gear). Just further up you’ll find a room with sparkly green magicky whisps — this is a cue to use Kiera’s lamp if you wish to hear some painful echoes of the past. You can explore these two rooms, but there isn’t a great deal of loot in here — just some miscellaneous crafting materials.

Once done, you’ll want to descend the stairs and head further northeast into the cave. You’ll hear a mysterious voice telling you to go “down there.” Follow that guidance.

A few steps down and you’ll hear that same voice telling you to go right. Ignore the disembodied voice and take the left path. You’ll see a glowing purple glyph, a dying monster, and several School of the Wolf carvings in the ground. Follow this toward the glowing red vines; ignore the voice when he says “Stop! Not that way.”

Following this path, you’ll see an area to jump and grab onto on the left (indicated by white rock textures) and a glowing Yrden glyph further up on the right. Take whichever path you’d like for now. To reach the cliff, you’ll have to break into a sprint and hit jump at the last possible second. Geralt should grab on (if you miss, it’s far from the end of the world, just climb right back up). There’s a chest up there with some crafting components.

If you go for the glyph, you’ll find the third letter from Reinald, and a brick wall just beyond there. Pull out Keira’s lamp for a snapshot into the past and then hit that brick wall with an Aard sign. You won’t find any special items in here, but it will start painting a narrative portrait of what’s been going on down here: the sick were being walled off and left to die. Charming.

As you’re leaving the brick wall you just knocked down, take the stairs (facing southeast) down to your left. Head toward the red glowing vines and watch a quick cutscene after approaching the monster in your path. Head further into the cave and you’ll come to a more open space. A bridge will get destroyed just ahead of you, prompting a quip from Geralt. You can check this surrounding area out for some simple crafting items on your left and right, but you’ll want to push forward to the open doorway on the east side of this room.

Head through the eastern door and turn left. You’ll need to hop up to find another purple Yrden glyph and School of the Wolf carving. There’s a gap you’ll have to jump just to your northwest. Should you fall, you probably won’t take any damage, but there is a door down there you can blow open with Aard. A few crafting components wait inside some containers there. The ramp that’s there will let you climb back up to where you need to go.

Across the gap, you’ll find a lab with the Forgotten Priest’s Testament note laying in wait on a desk. Bear left out of that room and jump the gap created when the ghost destroyed the bridge. Again, if you fall, it’s hardly the worst thing in the world. Just run back around up top and try again. Keep moving forward, following the red glowing vines you’ll see to the south, followed by another purple glyph. Head to the glyph first, grab it, and read Reinald’s fourth letter.

Double back and take the path on the left, northeast up some stairs. The ghost will tell you to turn back; ignore him and jump down into the pit for a quick cutscene and then a fight with some monsters.

Once you deal with the monsters, you can explore a few rooms in this space. There’s a ramp you can sprint across and leap to gain access to a room with Reinald’s second letter. This is where you’ll find Reinald’s potion recipe. Geralt will also deduce what kind of monster we’re up against: A Red Miasmal. Read the bestiary entry for this creature if you wish (its only weakness is the potion you just found the recipe for).

Gif: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku
Gif: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

Craft Reinald’s Philter (you’ll find this under the Quests section of alchemical recipes, not under potions). You’ll need Dwarven Spirit, Celandine, and the “Secret Ingredient” you just got from Reinald’s box.

With the philter created, you’ll head northeast, down some stairs. The stairs wind down to a drop, where a monster is waiting for you. Take care of them and keep moving toward the red glowing vines. You’ll come to 0 T crossing. The left path leads back to the exit. The right path will take you into a room with a couple of monsters.

Moving southeast you’ll get to another space you’ll have to jump (you don’t need a running start though). You’ll see a pair of double doors up ahead with a note attached. This is Reinald’s fifth letter. Read that and enter. If that chamber ahead looks like a space to fight a boss, you’re not wrong. It’s a good idea to save here before jumping down. Also, if you think you missed anything important in the mine, it’s not a bad idea to drop back and do another sweep through the various corridors and rooms.

Head east into the open space and use Aard on the salt stalagmites. Time for a quick cutscene with and chat with “Reinald.”

Reinald will ask you for the potion and now it’s decision time. Yellow dialogue options advance the story, while the lighter-coloured ones fill in more plot information. But don’t be deceived. Just choosing the yellow options may not get you the outcome you want. I suggest exploring various lighter-coloured dialogue options to learn more story and possibly influence the final outcome.

As is obvious from Geralt’s facial expressions and tone, he seems a little sceptical about this Reinald guy who’ll ask you for the potion you crafted. Maybe you are too. You should be.

You can choose to give Reinald the potion — which will result in a tough boss fight. Or, you can heed the hints of Geralt’s scepticism that something’s not quite right with this guy and decline to give it to him. You’ll end up with a boss fight no matter what, but denying Reinald the potion will make things easier as he’s currently possessed by the spirit Geralt’s hunting.

Gif: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku
Gif: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

Reinald has a particularly annoying habit of regenerating. Cast Yrden and use Aard while Reinald is inside the magic trap. Once you do this and manage to get Reinald’s health low enough, the Red Miasmal possessing him will emerge.

The Red Miasmal largely has two attacks and can teleport, meaning it’ll close any distance you gain pretty quickly. Its normal attack is a swipe of its claws, but it will also grab at the earth and unleash a fire-based attack that travels along the ground. Both of these are easily dodgeable once you learn to spot the signs.

Casting Yrden around the Red Miasmal and then attacking it is an effective strategy. As the fight goes on, additional monsters will spawn, making things a little challenging. Depending on your level, it might be best to take these additions out and then go back to Yrden-ing and slashing the Red Miasmal. Don’t worry about needing special oils on your blade. This one’s a little more straightforward as far as Witcher bosses go.

Once you defeat the Red Miasmal, it’s time for a cutscene and some moral questions.

Geralt will examine the armour on Reinald’s body (which will look familiar if you’ve watched Netflix’s The Witcher). Reinald will emerge from his corpse and will deliver a monologue that covers how he got here and what happened. You can ask him a number of questions, but asking him “Can you prove you’re Reinald,” which is in bolded yellow, will move the story forward. Geralt and Reinald will chat a bit about the strange armour Reinald has. He’ll then give you the diagrams for the Forgotten Wolf School armour and swords. But we’re not done yet!

Asking “What now?” will move into the next phase of the story. But again, I recommend picking all dialogue options to get more story content and a potentially better outcome. Reinald will express a desire to finish some unfinished business…by asking you to bring back the deacon who hired you. That’s not ominous. You can choose to get him or not, or talk a bit more by choosing “Speaking with the priest’ll change nothing.” Pick “Fine. I’ll get the priest” to move things forward.

After grabbing the priest (it happens in a cutscene, you don’t need to doubleback, thank god) there’ll be a bit of philosophizing, arguments, and dialogue concerning whether it was ethical or not to have imprisoned the sick in this mine. You’ll get some dialogue options. You can roleplay Geralt as you wish here, but the “best ending” is a little tricky and seems to depend on whether or not you select the optional dialogue options I mentioned earlier. For the most morally good outcome, choose “Boy’s innocent” when the option presents itself. After that, make sure you ask “What would you do, Reinald?” Note that this is not one of the bolded dialogue options.

The deacon will have a bit of a crisis of faith, you need to ask Reinald what he would do, and then respond with “Don’t need a church to do good, priest.” If you did everything correctly, Reinald won’t kill the deacon. This particular scene isn’t always predictable, however; so, if you get an outcome you don’t want, you may wish to roll back to the save just before the boss fight and run the scene again. There’s also a chance that the game may autosave a checkpoint right after the boss fight, but this is a tricky thing to rely on.

After exiting the mine, you’ll get a new quest: “Scavenger Hunt: Forgotten Wolf School Gear Diagrams.” This tasks you with travelling to Kaer Morhen.

Once at Kaer Morhen, go ahead and follow your minimap to the objective. You’ll need to enter the main hall and climb a ladder to your left. Here, on a bookshelf, you’ll find some information about the armour Reinald was wearing. Read the note and you’ll have everything you need to get the Forgotten Wolf School gear crafted.

Screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku
Screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

Crafting the Forgotten Wolven armour and weapons

The Forgotten Wolven armour consists of boots, chest armour, gauntlets, and trousers. There’ll also be a silver and steel sword. Each of these can be crafted as regular, mastercrafted, and grandmaster gear. Take these to any blacksmith or armorer for regular crafting.

If you want the mastercrafted variant, you’ll need to have Yoana in Crow’s Perch make you the armour, and Hattori in Novigrad make you the swords.

If you want the grandmaster level, however, you’ll need to travel to Toussaint (available with the Blood and Wine expansion) and have Lazare Lefargue if you want the grandmaster armour and swords crafted. And those specific crafters are the only ones in the game who can craft at grandmaster level. You’ll also need to be level 40 to use this gear.

Once equipped, Geralt will be able to don his best Netflix Geralt cosplay, perfect for slaying monsters and settling on morally grey outcomes.

Whether you’re returning to the Witcher after an extended break or starting for the new time, “In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow” is a great quest to pick up and you’ll get some cool gear for doing it. It fits in nicely with The Witcher 3’s existing themes and world, and the new gear looks pretty sick and very authentic to the show.

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