6 Browser Extensions To Help You Get The Most Out Of Steam

6 Browser Extensions To Help You Get The Most Out Of Steam

Look, the Steam app is great, and is likely how many of us browse and buy our PC games. But if you’re not using Steam on the web, you’re missing out on some great browser extensions for the service. These helpful add-ons will tell you if a game is on a subscription service you already pay for, highlight historical low prices for every game, and let you add multiple game keys in one go. Here are some of our favourites.

alike03’s Subscription Info

alike03’s Subscription Info lets you check if a Steam game is available on other subscription services like Xbox Game Pass. That way, you don’t end up paying full price for a title you’re already paying for in a subscription. Of course, you can always buy the game on Steam if you like it, but why not try it for free if you can?


When you’re deal-hunting on Steam, log in to the service from your web browser. Steam’s client is good for highlighting deals on items on your wishlist, but you do miss out on useful information like historic pricing. AugmentedSteam is great at highlighting every game’s lowest historical price, which helps you decide if it’s really worth picking up during a sale.

The extension also brings useful search filters to Steam, letting you hide games in Early Access (unfinished games), games with mixed or negative ratings, or games already in your cart.


SteamDB is an excellent alternative to AugmentedSteam, because it shows pricing history and adds some of the best features of its database. SteamDB tracks games on Steam, and is a great source to find popular games, the player base for any game on the platform, and to search for good deals.

Its browser extension adds all of these features, and allows you to hide annoying elements on Steam’s website, such as the Install Steam button, an option to skip the age warnings on certain store pages, and a button to empty your cart. Depending on what you value, you should install either SteamDB or AugmentedSteam. There’s no need to keep both extensions.

Show Great on Deck

If you own a Steam Deck, check out Show Great on Deck, an extension that helps you find games that work well on the console. It adds ratings from ProtonDB, too, which often has more updated information on a game’s performance on Steam Deck than Steam’s own “Great on Deck” label, as these can sometimes be out of date.

CSGO Trader

There’s still a significant Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) community out there. Trading items in-game is a big part of CSGO, and CSGO Trader makes it much easier. The extension has advanced sorting options that let you see the most profitable items, highlights profiles of known scammers, and much more.


Tampermonkey is an excellent extension even if you don’t use Steam. It lets you add custom user styles that bring useful features to various websites. For example, it can help you hide pop-ups and block annoying elements on multiple sites easily.

On Steam, there are useful user styles such as Skip Age Warning (hides Steam’s age gate pages), Back To The Top (adds a scroll back to the top button), and Batch Key Activator (lets you quickly add a bunch of games to Steam).

You can easily add these via Tampermonkey and make Steam easier to use.


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