Batman Looms Large In The Flash’s First Poster

Batman Looms Large In The Flash’s First Poster

Fans won’t have to wait too long to get their first full look at The Flash: Warner Bros. just confirmed that the first trailer will be released Sunday during the Super Bowl. In the meantime, it’s released the film’s first poster and anyone who was worried that Batman wouldn’t be in it can rest easy.

Above, you see a crop of the poster but below, you see the full thing. It very clearly has Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) in some kind of cave, maybe a bat cave, with what looks very much like the Batwing from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman hanging over him.

Image: Warner Bros.

Does the poster confirm that, despite everything that happened with The Flash, Michael Keaton is still in there? We think so. Last week, new DC Films co-president James Gunn said that not only is The Flash one of the best superhero movies he’s ever seen, he said that it reboots the entire DCEU and that he and Peter Safran didn’t change anything in it. So, if any and everyone is on the table, it seems very likely that Keaton remains, as do maybe some others.

Along with the poster, Warner Bros. released this very vague plot description: “Ezra Miller stars as Barry Allen, AKA The Flash, who pushes the limits of his superpowers in the DC Super Hero’s first-ever standalone feature film.” What it’s not telling you is that Allen pushes those limits in an attempt to stop his mother from dying, and that in doing so, he may just break the fabric of the universe. Or that Miller has spent the last several months facing multiple criminal accusations that put the entire existence of this film in question.

But no more. The Flash is coming June 16 and we’ll be back Sunday with the trailer.


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