Get On The EB Games’ Manager’s Specials Sale Before It Ends On Sunday

Get On The EB Games’ Manager’s Specials Sale Before It Ends On Sunday

Two deals yarns in one day? It’s true. Quick one late in the day to fill you in on some Manager’s Specials at EB Games.

You might have seen our yarn from earlier today on JB’s 2 for $30 sale and found yourself in a bargain-hunty kind of mood. Friends, I have more deals if you feel the spirit of deals within you.

EB Games is running what it’s calling Manager’s Specials, a sale that’s finishing up on Sunday. It’s not actually a Manager’s Special, it’s definitely just a bunch of overflow stock on a few recent titles that need to move, but just as a win is a win, a deal is a deal, and now you are the beneficiary. The sale ends on Sunday, March 12, so you’ll want to get in fairly quickly before it ends. Switch owners, I wish I had more to offer you on this one, but the collector’s edition of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, complete with season pass, is still pretty flippin’ good. PC players, I regret to inform you that unfortunately, your platform of choice does not make an appearance (though I’m sure your giant pile of unplayed Steam games bought for $3 will provide some measure of comfort).

There’s also a handful of accessories on sale, including a range of official Xbox controllers in different colours, just in case you were in the market for a spare. A few decent RIG headsets also make an appearance.



Nintendo Switch



Remember, these deals go away on Sunday so get in while they last.

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