Jack Black’s Bowser Balls Censored During Mario Movie TV Spot

Jack Black’s Bowser Balls Censored During Mario Movie TV Spot

Earlier today on NBC’s The Kelly Clarkson Show, guest Jack Black appeared wearing a Bowser costume that showed off a lot of his private toadstool and koopas, forcing the network censors to awkwardly blur his entire crotch.

During today’s episode of NBC’s daytime talk show, the stars of the upcoming animated Super Mario Bros. Movie appeared to talk about the film and smile a lot as part of the usual media blitz associated with major Hollywood movies. And as part of this “fun” segment on the show, the cast all “tricked” Jack Black, who voices Bowser in the movie, to dress up like the character. Apparently, they told him they were all going to do the same — dress up as their video game counterparts — and didn’t, leading to network-approved shenanigans via this totally real and very fun “prank” on the actor/comedian/musician/TikTok star.

However, when Jack Black made his silly entrance, doing all the things you expect the actor to do — like high kick, scream, and dance — things got strange as NBC decided the country wasn’t ready to see the outline of Jack Black’s ball sack on national TV. So when he enters and starts dancing, his crotch is completely blurred out.

So what’s going on here? How much of Jack’s sack and sausage could the in-studio audience and crew actually see? Well, we can get a bit of a hint if we look at Black before he leaps out like a madman. It seems the network didn’t mind or notice the crotch bulge that Black is sporting when he first talks to Kelly Clarkson backstage.

Screenshot: NBC / Kotaku
Screenshot: NBC / Kotaku

It is interesting to note that the camera operator during that intro quickly moves up to crop out Black’s crotch. Perhaps even they realised what was showing and decided to hide it. But once Black is out on the stage, there is no hiding his junk, freely swinging in the outfit that was likely picked up hours before by some intern who was really hoping to have a better job in Hollywood by now. But hey, at least you didn’t have to spend a few hours blurring out Jack Black’s dick and balls so as not to disgust the prudish audience watching Kelly Clarkson’s morning show.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is out in theatres on April 5, 2023. Jack Black is in it. But sadly, I don’t think you’ll see his balls.

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