Job Hunt Tasks You With Shooting Resumes At Flying LinkedIn Listings

Job Hunt Tasks You With Shooting Resumes At Flying LinkedIn Listings

The gun-toting world of Duck Hunt has become a little less duck-thirsty and a little more opportunistic thanks to a neat little browser game called Job Hunt.

Job Hunt is another neat little gimmick browser game made by Peter Henningsen and Cameron Twombly of Woe Industries. You may recognise Woe Industries from their past work that we’ve covered here, those being Chris Pratt is Mario, a Super Mario Bros browser game where voice lines from Chris Pratt sound off when necessary, and You Have Not Died Of Dysentery, a parody of The Oregon Trail where if you shit yourself, you lose.

In Job Hunt, your task is simple. Using the old-school PC on the lower right of the screen, one must move their bullseye around the screen using the arrow keys and shoot paper airplane resumés with the space bar to send them off towards winged LinkedIn job offerings that are flying across the beautiful blue skies. With every job offering hit, a job is applied for.

The job listings that fly across the screen are seemingly real occupations as well, with jobs such as Creative Director at Studio Five Creative and Vice President of Creative Communications at Oglivy. In terms of the jobs I did manage to see in my playtime, all the jobs seem to be Creative careers in some sort of way. How… creative.

Playing it myself, I successfully applied to a total of 16 jobs but unfortunately got no response. The game actually reminded me a lot of being on JobSeeker payments back in the day and having to apply for a myriad of jobs to meet requirements because I had “been at uni too long” so I “wasn’t eligible for Student Allowance anymore”. Much like in Job Hunt, I never got a response from a single place that I applied for and had to simply keep applying to get payments. Cool!

If you’ve got a few spare minutes and are looking for a silly little browser game to procrastinate on, Job Hunt is a silly little bit of fun. And hey, if you’re looking for even more browser games to get into, we’ve got you covered.

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