These Fan Takes On Chris Pratt As Mario Are Making Me Nervous

These Fan Takes On Chris Pratt As Mario Are Making Me Nervous
Screenshot: Woe Industries.

We often fear what we don’t understand, and I still don’t really understand Chris Pratt as Mario.

I understand it on a purely for-profit level. A big name like Chris Pratt is bound to pull in a normie crowd. However, on the level of accuracy to the original character, it doesn’t really make sense. But when has that ever really mattered in Hollywood, right? I mean, in a world where Chris Pratt is also Garfield, accuracy has gone out the window.

Beyond the black and white picture of Pratt that announced he would be playing the title of Mario, all we really have to base the concept of his performance on is a video of Pratt saying he’s going to be “the voice of that video game that [he] dreamed about playing as a kid“, and the film’s producer insisting that Pratt’s Mario voice is actually so good and awesome. However, thanks to the work of a very talented animator and an absolutely loony game maker, we now have a very weird and wacky preview of what Chris Pratt’s Mario could be.

The YouTube Clip(s)

Kevin Temmer is a songwriter, YouTuber, and animator, working currently at Squanch Games and previously at Jam City and Blue Sky. Temmer regularly posts his independent animation work on his YouTube and Twitter accounts and recently made a short clip using a Mario rig and a section of Pratt’s audio from The Lego Movie.

I will say, this clip on first viewing made me… shiver. The animation is quite well done and, based on the comments, a few people were fooled into thinking this was the real thing. While Mario’s original voice could really only be done by Charles Martinet, something feels a little icky about Mario sounding like Emmett if that’s the direction they decide to go in.

Temmer also posted a Charlie Day as Luigi clip, which I actually love.

A few people in the comments are theorising that Temmer is secretly working on the movie and is just posting his progress, which would be neat considering what he’s shown off but incredibly unlikely.

The Game

And now for something very annoying. Woe Industries, making classics like Declassified Space Invaders and Food Poisoning: The Game in the past has now made Chris Pratt Is Super Mario, a Mario rip they whipped up in GameMaker Studio that has replaced Mario’s sound effects with Chris Pratt audio clips from various projects of his.

While the YouTube clips were somewhat unnerving, this bad boy just gets annoying. Holy shit, I’ve never felt more desire for the original Mario sounds until I played this. Sure, some of the controls are unresponsive and weirdly mapped but it really is just a silly gimmick game from the original Mario design at the end of the day.

We’ve still got a while to wait until we see The Real Thing but these beautiful monstrosities have personally given me a look at how weird and annoying the regular Chris Pratt voice in a Mario body is. At this rate, I don’t know what to expect but it’s either Mario Is A Regular American Man or Mario Is A Regular American Man Doing A Very Cringey “Italian” Voice.


  • ” Mario Is A Regular American Man Doing A Very Cringey “Italian” Voice.”

    Ruby doesn’t like stereotypes – except when American voice actors do stereotypical accents for videogames, like Charles Martinet.

    You’ve been listening and watching an American man doing a very ‘cringey italian’ voice for decades, Ruby, why is it only a problem when it’s not the American you want?

  • I was nervous when they announced it cause most of the cast don’t vocal impersonation skills or dynamic range.

    Mario is going to sound like Starlord and that Lego guy… Bowser is going to sound like Kung Fu panda.

  • What’s your take on Lou Albano’s Mario from the Super Show cartoon? It’s very different from Martinets but it’s somewhat iconic in its own right at this point.
    And it’s because of that difference that I’m not worried at all about Pratt. Being Mario’s voice for the first film (in 32 years, if you include that anime) in the franchise history is a big deal and I doubt he’d phone it in.

    Really though I’m just here for Charlie Day. Everyone else is gravy.

    • Even a top notch performance can’t compete with the fact that Mario’s voice is well known. It will be completely alien or worse uncanny, people will WTF.

      Mario has sold more games, than Chris
      Pratt has sold movies… Mario is more popular that will be the issue

    • That’s a really good point, both are pretty iconic in their own right. What worries me most is there doesn’t seem to be a history of true character voice acting from Pratt, his roles have very much just been different energies of his own voice. We’ll just have to wait and see really!

    • Lou’s Mario was the quintessential “Western” Mario!
      From the first days of localisation, Americans had the idea that Mario was an Italian American from Brooklyn and Albano personified that perfectly.
      (Matinet started on that brief too)

      He’s also the one a lot of people float back to when talking about an actual talking Mario because as terrible as that show was (so bad it was awesome) he nailed it.

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