Marvel’s Midnight Suns Got Morbius DLC Now

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Got Morbius DLC Now

Here’s some Morbius news that doesn’t involve Jared Leto and could actually be considered “pretty cool”: Morbius is in Marvel’s Midnight Suns now as paid DLC.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns announced today on Twitter that Dr. Michael Morbius, who many simply know as Morbius, is joining the Midnight Suns today to stop the vampyre threat that exists in The Hunger.

The Hunger DLC sees Morbius, who comes equipped with 11 Hero abilities and the laboratory Abbey upgrade, teaming up with the Midnight Suns to tackle the vampyres of New York City in three new missions.

If you’re a huge Morbius fan that simply wants to see the guy in a potentially not-cringe light, or you’re a Morbius hater with a tiny little inkling within you that makes you think Morbius could be redeemed, this might be the DLC for you.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is actually a pretty neat addition to the series of modern Marvel games. The turn-based strategy meets deckbuilding card game is a refreshing take on the superhero subgenre, and has been done pretty flawlessly by folks who have been in the turn-based tactics business for a while now: Firaxis Games, the makers of the newer XCOM titles.

I simply have to wonder, though. How will Morbius’s appearance in Marvel’s Midnight Suns compare to his starring role in 2022’s Morbius: The Game, developed by nyanbread. Morbius: The Game changed the way I look at games, and also how I play them. It changed my life, and it rocked my world. So yeah, you could say Marvel’s Midnight Suns has a lot of work to do.

But all that aside, one has to wonder whether or not the whole Morbius movie fiasco will be detrimental to Morbius’s introduction into Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The meme lived and died incredibly fast, as meme lifespans in this day and age have plummeted drastically compared to the olden days of online.

In my opinion, I think that this could maybe be a good thing for poor Morbius. The weird guy has had a goofy little life in the past year or so, maybe he deserves a bone to be thrown his way. And hey, if you’re keen to get on the Marvel’s Midnight Suns train and get your Morbius on, all versions of the game are 50% off right now on Steam.

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