Sushi Ben Is My Most Anticipated VR Game Of This Year

Sushi Ben Is My Most Anticipated VR Game Of This Year

The PlayStation VR 2 is out, and there are a number of games that are already available to play on the next-gen headset. There is, however, one particular game that caught my eye the second I saw it, and could be the game that makes me crack into my savings: Sushi Ben.

Sushi Ben is described as a slice-of-life anime sim and VR narrative adventure that sees you saving a local sushi restaurant from going out of business. This isn’t simply done through managing said sushi restaurant, though. There is much more you’ll be doing.

Big Brane Studios, the big brains behind Sushi Ben, revealed the very first gameplay trailer for the game as part of an announcement regarding a whole bunch of new games coming to the PSVR 2. Check it out.

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of different stuff one does in Sushi Ben. You’ll be meeting a whole cast of townspeople who will need your help doing all sorts of things. As well, you can fish, walk dogs, play table tennis, hunt ghosts, and pat a funny little frog. Isn’t it a dream?

The art style of Sushi Ben is so bombastic and vibrant, it’s hard to look away. The use of 3D manga panels to convey story elements is such a fun little addition, and each character is so unique and special. Anime art styles can sometimes look a little goofy when shifting to 3D, but Sushi Ben really makes the right choices artistically that make it work.

When I found out that Sushi Ben is also written by the creator of Hatoful Boyfriend, I absolutely lost my mind. For those unaware, Hatoful Boyfriend is a 2014 visual novel where you are a human protagonist in a school full of romanceable birds. It’s one of the best visual novels I’ve ever played, and Okosan is best bird.

While I’m umming and ahhing about the price of the PSVR 2, it is literally this title that is making me ache for the headset. It’s expected to release sometime this year, and I am so excited to get amongst it. Thank you for listening.

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