The Mandalorian’s Grogu Is Up To Some Shenanigans In Google Search

The Mandalorian’s Grogu Is Up To Some Shenanigans In Google Search

“Hey, Grogu, put that down,” I said to my screen, myself the only person in the room. On Thursday, Google provided a little Easter egg for all those anticipating the drop of The Mandalorian’s third season.

Searing for “The Mandalorian,” “Mandalorian,” “baby Yoda,” or “Grogu” will pop up a little version of the green small fry. When clicked on, Grogu will start using the force to tear apart the google page, piece by piece, letting each hit fall to the bottom of the screen.

Even if you’re a little tired of all the merchandising based on the little green “baby Yoda” from the hit Disney+ show, it’s still plenty cute. It’s also pretty fun to watch Grogu tear chunks out of Google’s search. Google might be working on destroying its own search engine soon with AI, so at least this is good practice. It works on both desktop and mobile versions of Google search, so if you wanted to demolish Google search on the go, now’s your chance.

Google has a few other of its famed Easter eggs still running on the search platform. If you put “Dart Mission” into Google search, a little satellite will run across the screen and smash into the page, making it all lopsided. This has been ongoing from October when NASA successfully used a spacecraft to divert an asteroid’s trajectory.

Another ongoing Easter egg celebrates The Last of Us on HBO. Googling the show title lets users click on a little mushroom button at the bottom, then watch as a swathe of mycelium slowly takes over the screen. Of course, anybody who’s seen the show should know the bright visuals bely the incredible horror of being infected with a malign fungus, but if you’re looking for ways to pretend to be working while surfing the internet, these are definitely a fun, if fleeting diversion.

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