Xbox To Hold Omegathon-Style PC Game Pass Gauntlet In Melbourne

Xbox To Hold Omegathon-Style PC Game Pass Gauntlet In Melbourne

Xbox ANZ has announced plans to host a gaming tournament at Fortress Melbourne next week. Called the PC Game Pass Gauntlet, it’s a competition that will pit a select number of competitors against one another across a range of popular PC games, whittling the field down via an elimination bracket. The final two competitors will battle it out to secure a physical Gauntlet trophy that the winner will be taking home. All of the games that make up the PC Game Pass Gauntlet will be kept a secret until the moment arrives to play them, preventing competitors from practising beforehand.

According to Xbox, the event will test contenders on “a range of gaming skills” with “a variety of challenges from PC Game Pass titles of different genres.” So, look, you can probably piece together the most likely challenges. Halo Infinite match. Forza Horizon racing. Ori speedrun. You’ll figure it out.

Anyway, if you’re thinking this all sounds rather familiar, that’s only because it is.

If you’ve been to PAX Aus, you’re likely aware of the Omegathon. It’s a competition in which 24 competitors (called Omeganauts) square off in a video game elimination bracket over the show’s three day-run. Each round pits contestants against each other in different games, culminating in a final round showdown on the main stage to close the convention on Sunday afternoon. The final game of the Omegathon is always kept secret until the final two Omeganauts take the stage.

I’m not saying Xbox ANZ pinched the idea! I’m merely saying that the PC Game Pass Gauntlet shares a very similar conceptual space with the Omegathon, and noting unrelatedly that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Anyway, if you’re keen to get along, or get involved, the PC Game Pass Gauntlet will be held on Friday, March 24th, at Fortress Melbourne from 6 pm to 10 pm. You can secure your free tickets (or sign up if you’d like to compete) right over here.

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