Kirby Game Ideas That We Want To See The Little Pink Thing Do

Kirby Game Ideas That We Want To See The Little Pink Thing Do

It’s no secret that we’re big Kirby fans over here at Kotaku Australia. From Kirby and the Forgotten Land to the incredible Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe, we Kirby fans have been eating real good lately. But will we see any more Kirby remakes alongside new games in the near future?

According to Kirby director Shinya Kumazaki, we could be getting more Kirby game remakes if developers can find something new for Kirby to do or to add to the existing storylines.

Whilst speaking with IGN at the Game Developers Conference, Kumazaki said that although he couldn’t share a whole bunch about the precise future of Kirby, he did say that HAL Laboratory’s goal is to always ‘provide a new gameplay experience’.

As far as new Kirby games will go, Kumazaki told IGN that having a mix of 2D games, 3D games and maybe even something completely different are all ‘within scope’.

“You might have experienced it if you played Forgotten Land, in that it’s not quite open world. It’s really a 3D game that really utilises, kind of inherits the playfulness and the ease of play of 2D Kirby games. And that’s a unique 3D experience that we want to provide. And so what we want to do moving forward is continue to provide that unique 3D experience, and not necessarily be caught within the boundaries of existing genres,” Kumazaki told IGN.

Sure, I agree that games shouldn’t just be made for the sake of it and to exist only as money grabs. But I feel like I need to make an exception for Kirby. I’d be so happy just watching him doing random shit for the sake of it. Kirby to me is like Barbie, he can have countless career paths and storylines.

Also, rather devastatingly, Kirby doesn’t turn into a hot man if he were to, hypothetically, swallow a hot man, which was hard for us to hear. So maybe, a new game idea can revolve around Kirby’s quest for beauty where he swallows a whole bunch of conventionally ‘attractive’ people only to realise that he was beautiful all along because it’s what’s inside the heart that matters, not what’s inside Kirby’s stomach.

Wow, I just brought myself to tears.

Anyways, to help out Kumazaki and the Kirby developers, I thought I would ask the team about what storylines they’d love to see Kirby undertake.

  • “I think Kirby will become a famed serial killer on the run and ultimately becomes the head of a cult revolution that sweeps the nation and seeks to overthrow the powers that suppress the powers that Kirby contains. Either that or like, Kirby opening a cafe where he bakes little treats but accidentally eats them all and everyone inside the store.” – Ky, Producer and Writer at Kotaku Australia, Lifehacker Australia and Gizmodo Australia
  • “I think that if they are going to do a remake of Kirby: Planet Robobot, they should play it completely straight and make it a horror-drama akin to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Kirby, who is akin to a god himself, should understandably be fighting other biblically-accurate angels like he did in the end of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Oh, and there can be some mini-games too, I guess.” – Ruby, Writer at Kotaku Australia and certified Kirby lover
  • “Kirby adopts a cat (if Kirby already has a cat, Kirby adopts a second cat).” – Asha, Editor at Gizmodo Australia
  • “I feel like Kirby would make a great cupid, just getting couples together. He looks like he’d give good hugs.” – Melissa, Head of Editorial Kotaku Australia, Lifehacker Australia and Gizmodo Australia
  • “I have not played a Kirby game but I do love Meta Knight who I know is in Kirby games and I would like to see Meta Knight teach Kirby how to be a knight. AKA, Kirby Knight.” – Lauren, Writer at Lifehacker Australia
  • “Poyo.” – Zac, Writer at Gizmodo Australia

Well, Kumazaki, there you have it. A whole, very credible list of ideas for you to use for your next Kirby game. We will be waiting for your next move.

If you have any fun ideas for a new Kirby game or even an addition they could make to an old Kirby game, comment them below and make us laugh.

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