Studio Ghibli Teases Another Star Wars Collaboration

Studio Ghibli Teases Another Star Wars Collaboration

Last November, the nerd-o-sphere understandably freaked out when Studio Ghibli co-founder and all-time most beloved anime filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki released a single photo of the director with the above Grogu figurine. Star Wars fans (including us!) wondered if it meant the legendary anime studio would be making a movie set in a galaxy far, far away. Alas, it only turned out to be a thoroughly adorable animated short called Zen: Grogu and Dust Bunnies. Maybe the second time’s the charm?

Yep, Ghibli has a new tweet with new Star Wars art, this time of Ahsoka and Grogu hanging with the kodama spirits from 1977’s Princess Mononoke. It’s pretty great:

More importantly, it has to mean something, right? At the very least, another animated short. However, “This Is A New Day, A New Beginning” sounds a lot more consequential than just another short. But on the other hand, if Ghibli were going to make an actual Star Wars movie of some kind, chances are it would make the announcement during Star Wars Celebration proper — and right now, the convention’s on its last day.


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