Watch The ’80s Dungeons & Dragons Crew Discover The New Movie

Watch The ’80s Dungeons & Dragons Crew Discover The New Movie

We’ve already mentioned how cool it is that 1) the characters from the classic, goofy 1983 Dungeons & Dragons cartoon make a brief appearance in the new D&D movie Honour Among Thieves, and 2) it’s an Easter egg for fans that doesn’t distract or detract from the film’s storytelling. But now, the movie characters have come to the cartoon in this similarly goofy video.

Paramount has redubbed an old clip from an episode of D&D, which starred a bunch of kids who were transported into the world of Dungeons & Dragons via roller coaster (don’t worry about it). From there, they were given character classes and a magical item by the Dungeon Master, and tried to find their way back home, battling monsters and saving people along the way. Here, the DM gives Hank the Ranger, Shiela the Thief, Diana the Acrobat, Eric the Cavalier, Bobby the Barbarian, and Presto the Magician a quick peek at Honour Among Thieves’ heroes…

…where they happen to see themselves.

Ah, we have fun, don’t we? A cartoon character from the ‘80s says “pissed”! Oh ho ho! Honestly, this is a small bit of inoffensive fun, which meshes well with the huge pile of (mostly) inoffensive fun of Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves. Plus, if you’re a mega-nerd who wants to explain to any non-nerds an Easter egg the latter group surely missed, this is a great way to let them know about it without overwhelming them with all the utterly unnecessary information about the D&D cartoon you might know. Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves — saving nerds from themselves!


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