6 Great Farming Games With A Twist

6 Great Farming Games With A Twist

Thanks to the success of titles like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and even the latest rendition of Animal Crossing, there happens to be quite an abundance of farming games available for those wanting to leave their hustle-bustle lives behind for a quiet life of tending to crops and milking cows.

That being said, one could argue there are too many farming games available. One could also argue that there are not enough, as anything is able to be argued, and there are so many Devil’s Advocates in the world these days that the Devil himself can barely get a word in.

Due to the vast amount of farming games on offer, one has to wonder how we’re supposed to choose between them. Well, you know, I’m something of a farming sim enjoyer myself, so I’m always on the hunt for a good one. Lemme tell ya, I love a good farming game that sets itself apart from the others.

Therefore, I’ve grabbed a bunch of different games that are technically all farming games in one way or another. It may be obvious for some and less obvious for others. However, they’re all farming games that have a little something special about them.

Wylde Flowers

farming games
Image: Wylde Flowers / Studio Drydock

Platforms: Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, Steam

Wylde Flowers is an Aussie title that has solidified itself as an all-timer for this farming sim enthusiast. As I write that, I’m pointing both my thumbs back to myself, implying that I am the farming sim enthusiast that I speak of. So what sets Wylde Flowers apart from other farming games? Well, let’s start off with the age-old trope of your grandpa dying and leaving you the farm. When farming games use this trope, you generally just get a letter from the dead fella.

However, Wylde Flowers turns this on its head by sending you to the farm where your grandmother Hazel is waiting for you. She teaches you the ropes of farming, while also casually dropping that she’s a witch and you are too and you’re going to have to follow in her footsteps. You grow a bond with her as her health deteriorates, and it hits that much harder when she eventually passes, giving you the option as well to leave flowers at her grave and talk to the tombstone about what’s been happening in your life. It’s bittersweet and makes your farming journey worth so much more. Also, flying pigs!

My Time at Sandrock

Image: My Time at Sandrock / Pathea Games

Platforms: PC (early access)

My Time at Sandrock sets itself apart from other farming games in a few different ways, but let’s take a step back and note how it sets itself apart from its predecessor, My Time at Portia. Both games are set in a post-apocalyptic world and require the player to move to a new town and build for the community. However, My Time at Sandrock is set in a Wild, Wild West-type desert town where resources are scarce, and the town is in ruin.

There is a lot to do outside of farming in My Time at Sandrock. You’re a builder first and foremost, and a huge part of your journey is rebuilding the town back to its former glory. As well, you’re fighting monsters, playing mini-games, making friends, and even falling in love.

Slime Rancher & Slime Rancher 2

farming games
Image: Slime Rancher 2 / Monomi Park

Platforms: Slime Rancher – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch; Slime Rancher 2 – PC, Xbox (early access)

The Slime Rancher games are some of the sweetest, silliest, and squishiest games around. I list both of them purely because while I’d recommend Slime Rancher 2 on its own comfortably, I know that some people can be a little uneasy when it comes to early access titles. That’s where the first game comes in.

Slime Rancher sees you farming slimes of all different colours and forms, harvesting their ‘plorts’ to sell for profit or use in scientific experiments. In order to get these plorts, the slimes need to eat. That means you’ve gotta plant all sorts of weird fruits and veggies and breed chickens in order to satiate the many different types of appetites. It’s slime farming in space, I’d say that’s pretty unique!

Roots of Pacha

farming games
Image: Roots of Pacha / Soda Den

Platforms: PC

Roots of Pacha is visually one of the closest games to Stardew Valley on this list, while being very far removed from Stardew Valley in so many ways. It’s also one of the most unique and creative takes on the life/farming sim genre I’ve seen in a while.

In Roots of Pacha, it’s the freakin’ stone age. Tractor? Doesn’t exist. Lawnmower? Don’t know what that is. Sprinkler? Get outta town. As well as farming in the stone age, part of your journey requires you to literally discover different seeds, tools, food preparation, material preparation, and other ideas. The pixel art in this game is also show-stopping.

Cult of the Lamb

Image: Cult of the Lamb / Massive Monster

Platforms: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch

Oh, you thought I wouldn’t add Cult of the Lamb? Of course I’m adding Cult of the Lamb. I would argue that this game is perfect for any lover of farming games wanting to branch out into the dungeon-crawling roguelike genre while still staying in the farming and town management sim safe haven. It’s got a little something for everyone, and that includes the farmers.

Cult of the Lamb sees you starting, building, and maintaining your very own cult of woodland creatures. As well as slashing through a bunch of unforgiving gods in their respective realms, you’re also tasked with making sure your cult members are well-fed, hygienic, and well-loved. If you’re looking for a game with a little bit of everything and a killer art style, give this a go.


farming games
Image: Ooblets / Glumberland’

Platforms: Xbox, PC, Switch

Ooblets has to be one of the wackiest of this list, next to Slime Rancher, when it comes to setting itself apart from other farming games. This game is a farming game and a turn-based card game.

In Ooblets, you move to an island town filled with all sorts of weirdos and little guys. On your farm, your task is to grow your very own little guys, who you then take to the streets to compete in dance battles with other little guys. It’s very goofy and silly and almost comes close to being like a Pokemon game of sorts. A wackadoo Pokemon game where you grow your Pokemon from the ground.

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