10 Of The Most Cursed Rounds In Fall Guys Creative

10 Of The Most Cursed Rounds In Fall Guys Creative

Fall Guys’ creator mode has finally arrived and it’s a pretty neat feature. I’d even go as far as to say it’s revitalised the game. Gone are the days of repeating the same four new rounds over and over again until you die. Now there are so many rounds it’s impossible to see them all.

Fall Guys Creative allows players to construct their very own levels. In a level editor system that is reminiscent of The Sims or Super Mario Maker, you can build your own Race round using fans, platforms, blocks, and all manner of other Fall Guys obstacles to make things as challenging as possible. The only rule is that you must be able to finish your own level in order to publish.

After publishing, the round will receive a unique Share Code that allows friends and others in the community to play through your level. Eventually, the best rounds will be selected by Mediatonic and featured in in-game playlists.

The potential is endless, but it’s a double-edged sword. Because while there are many great new Fall Guys rounds to dive into, there are also some particularly cursed creations.

A collection of cursed rounds in Fall Guys Creative

Boom Blaster Trials

fall guys creative rounds boom blaster
Image: Mediatonic

This round from the official Fall Guys Team is a new circle of hell. It was one of the first creative rounds to be featured in the “hard” playlist on Fall Guys, and they were not joking. This thing makes the Slimescraper look easy.

I don’t know in what world you’re supposed to be able to make it through three levels of out-of-sync boom blasters, cross high-speed treadmills with pendulums on every corner and get to the end in under three minutes.

I have never known peace since playing this round.

Dimensional Error

This one strikes a balance of being creative and challenging but not impossible.


I commend the creativity of this one. Titled ‘Pinfall’ the round resembles a pinball machine, complete with bumpers and a fan as a plunger. Genius.

Dolor Game

Using doors as trampolines you have a choice of two options in each section, and it’s unclear which door will send you plunging to your death. This one gives me huge Glass Tile vibes from Squid Game.

The Fallscraper

I don’t know what this is, but I don’t like it.

Rainbow Climb

This looks like something that will absolutely send my controller through the TV.

Collide Gaming

This Fall Guys creator map has you navigate your bean along a path, while they are underneath the floor. It’s challenging, it’s daring, it’s new. I respect it.

Conveyor Crisis

There is such a thing as too many treadmills but this round missed the memo.

Nightmare Plinko

A forest of bumpers, a neverending torrent of fruit while running uphill, all ending with a double jump via hammers. This does indeed look like all my nightmares rolled into one.

The HARDEST (?) Fall Guys level

This one is apparently the hardest Fall Guys Creative level. A bold claim to be sure, but looking at it I … have no words.


When you’re done building things in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, definitely hop on over to Fall Guys to continue to scratch that construction itch. If you want to play any of these infamous rounds for yourself you can input the codes above in the Custom Show section in the play menu of Fall Guys.

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