Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: 10 Tips, Tricks, And Things You Didn’t Realise You Can Do

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: 10 Tips, Tricks, And Things You Didn’t Realise You Can Do

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (aka I Can’t Believe That Worked Oh My God Simulator 2023) is a game full of interconnected systems. Using Link’s new suite of powers and the game’s vaunted building mechanics, there are quite literally thousands of ways to solve any given problem facing you as a player. But some times we get locked into a single train of thought. Sometimes we master the basics and forget to stretch our muscles beyond them.

We should, though. Why? Witness the following. Here, in no particular order, are a list of tips, tricks, and other things in Tears of the Kingdom that you might not have realised you can do.

1. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater: Hyrule Edition

If you Fuse a shield and a mine cart together, it creates a skateboard you can use to get around. What’s more, you can use it to grind across the rail systems strewn around Hyrule.

2. With enough fans, you can in fact create a helicopter

This one speaks for itself, really.

I love the smell of Zonaite in the morning
by u/SkysOutThighsOut in tearsofthekingdom

3. Hydro engineering

Are you finding sail power a little slow for your liking? If you create paddles out of timber sheets and connect them to a pair of wheels along a log as an axle, baby, you got an outboard engine goin’.

proud of my current paddle boat design, practical side is that wheels take a lot less battery than fans
by u/No-Frogs in tearsofthekingdom

4. Keep your food from running away

Recall has many, many uses, and its range is far greater than you think!

Ancient god: I have bestowed you the power to bend time to your will. Use it wisely, as the world is counting on you. Me grabbing the drumstick: Huh?
by u/wkjdfx in tearsofthekingdom

5. Can’t become over-encumbered if you chuck everything in the wagon

Got a lot of gear you need to haul back to town? Once you’ve got the trailer hitch for your horse (just two Pony Points at your nearest stable!), you can build a cart and pull it behind your horse! What goes in the cart? Anything you want. Gear you want to sell. Plants. Seeds. Stray Koroks. Bokoblin bits. Spare horse. Crafting supplies. It’s completely up to you.

We’re going on an adventure.
by u/Sardonyx-LaClay in tearsofthekingdom

6. Sticking an explosive barrel to a boomerang will kill you instantly

I feel like this one goes without saying, but it’s also one of those things you might accomplish accidentally. Explosive barrels can be stuck to any number of objects and used for spicy traps. Boomerangs should not be one of them — the boomerang will perform the same arc it always does, bringing the barrel right back to you and exploding on impact. Please do not put the boom in boomerang (unless you want to, it is extremely funny).

New way to die in totk just dropped
by u/ClayMeta in tearsofthekingdom

7. Physics matters

Always consider physics and weight distribution as part of any build. Never be afraid to look at a problem from a totally different angle.

“Why a nine year old is smarter than me” or “how I crossed the stupid broken rail”
by u/trybalfire in tearsofthekingdom

8. Think smarter, not harder

Hand in hand with the previous point, always ask yourself: do I already have the right tool for the job? Chances are that you do.

100th reason why ascend is the best ability
by u/Arkidarkidoo in tearsofthekingdom

9. Try different fusing weapon and shield combinations

Did you know that fusing your shield with a Wing lets you use slow-mo arrow aiming whenever you want? It’s true! Play around with fusing! You never know what you’ll get!

PSA: putting Wings on a shield allows you to do slow-mo on flat ground
by u/jokermoonbow in tearsofthekingdom

10. See a horse you like? Put ’em in a box!

Who needs to creep up on a nice looking horse when you can just Put ‘Em In A Box? You’ll need to be quick because the horse will immediately start trying to break out, but this is a good way to snag a prized stallion if you’re having trouble sneaking up on them. This is one of those Tears of the Kingdom tricks that changes your whole approach the second you see someone else do it.

I present you, The horse-catcher 3000! (No horses were harmed)
by u/FeedbackUpper6182 in tearsofthekingdom

There you go! There’s just ten things to get you started! Seen any cool Tears of the Kingdom tricks we don’t know about? What’s been the biggest lightbuld moment for you so far? Link them in the comments!

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