PlayStation-Inspired Cosmetics Are Coming To Destiny 2

PlayStation-Inspired Cosmetics Are Coming To Destiny 2

Bungie has just revealed details for the upcoming Destiny 2 Season of the Deep, which includes a ton of new in-game events, fishing (yes, you’ll be able to fish in Destiny 2), and a PlayStation crossover offering Sony game-inspired armour ornament sets. The crossover content is part of a “[celebration of] its partnership with PlayStation” according to the blog post announcing it and debuting the Season of the Deep launch trailer. Back in January 2022, Sony bought Destiny 2 developer Bungie for $US3.6 ($5) billion, but it seems these cosmetics are available no matter what platform you play on.

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The armour ornament sets are “inspired by three of the biggest games in PlayStation history”: a Titan ornament set called Godsbane based on God of War, a Hunter set named Annointed for Horizon Forbidden West, and a Warlock set from Ghost of Tsushima called Ancestral. Each set will also get its own special finishing move.

Armour ornaments are unlockable along Destiny’s seasonal passes, and are equipable to each specific piece of armour they coincide with — once you equip them, they’ll completely change the look of the armour rather than just the colour like a shader would. “The first [concern] is the more direct reimagining of costuming details, items, and weapon,” said Bungie art lead Josh Deeb in the blog post. “Then there’s the less tangible aspects — their personalities and presence. In other words, do these ornaments feel like these characters?”

Destiny 2 will also get an emote based on Ratchet and Clank, as well as a set of The Last of Us-inspired vehicles and Ghost shell that looks like your Guardian’s gear is infected with cordyceps. If you want to spread that fungus among us, you may want to grab one of these items. “We know that the environments in games become just as much a part of the story as the characters and players in them,” said Deeb. “We wanted to leverage the evocative infected visuals of the mutated fungus and have that invade our world.”

Sony may have bought Bungie over a year ago, but thus far this set of cosmetics are the only tangible thing that’s come of the purchase. Perhaps there’s more to come, but for now, hopefully your chosen Destiny class got a set of armour you’re happy with. Destiny 2 Season of the Deep kicked off on Tuesday, May 23 and will run until August 22.

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