GTA Online Is About To Get A Bunch Of Smart Changes In San Andreas Update

GTA Online Is About To Get A Bunch Of Smart Changes In San Andreas Update

Grand Theft Auto Online might be nearly a decade old at this point, but it’s still one of the biggest games in the world. As a result, it continues to get large updates from developer Rockstar Games. In fact, its next big, free expansion — San Andreas Mercenaries — launches next week. And in the lead-up to its release, Rockstar confirmed a huge list of quality-of-life changes and smart tweaks to the long-running online game that should make life a bit easier on the digital streets of Los Santos.

Since launching on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in October 2013, GTA Online has continued to be updated, expanded, and ported to more consoles as players keep returning to the online open-world crime simulator. And while most large GTA Online updates add new missions and features, Rockstar has also been recently using these expansions as the perfect time to fix, change, and tweak older parts of the game based on player feedback.

On June 13, that will mean adding the ability to hold a button to sprint instead of having to mash it constantly and easier garage organisation for all your cars. But there are so many more changes coming, as explained by Rockstar in a Thursday news post on its official website.

Some of the best changes in GTA Online’s upcoming update

One change players will likely be excited to hear about is the increase in cash payouts on some activities and missions in GTA Online. Specifically, payouts from collecting Buried Stashes and Treasure Chests will be increased. The developer also confirmed that it will be increasing the payout on Gerald’s Last Play and Superyacht Lift missions by up to 25 per cent.

Rockstar will tweak how the Orbital Canon aka space nuke works, making it harder for players to spam others with the powerful super weapon. Another nice change that I’m excited about is that some very fun missions that were once co-op only will now have solo options.

A lot of the upcoming tweaks to GTA Online seem focused on making the game less of a slog to play in 2023. For example, you’ll be able to buy all your body armour with one button press. You’ll also no longer have to repurchase armour when restarting a mission. Plus, vehicles destroyed in contact missions won’t cost you a dime to restore via Mors Mutual Insurance.

And for content creators, Rockstar is adding numerous new props to GTA Online’s creator sandbox, including weather options and (later this year) Halloween-themed decorations. On PC, the prop limit will be bumped up to 300 from 200, too.

The full patch list for GTA Online’s San Andreas update

Because the list of changes and tweaks is so long and some of it very specific, it’s likely that stuff that I don’t care about might be something you’re really, really into. So to help you see just how many QoL changes there actually are and to make sure I didn’t miss anything, here’s the full list. And yes, it’s very long!

Vehicle Updates

  • The ability to claim all destroyed vehicles at once when filing a Mors Mutual Insurance claim.
  • Mors Mutual will no longer charge for recovering Personal Vehicles destroyed during contact missions.
  • Custom description tags for garages to help quickly locate your favourite rides when calling the Mechanic.
  • The ability to select from individual floors when requesting vehicles from the Eclipse Blvd Garage.
  • Pressing D-Pad Right will engage Stealth Mode on the new F-160 Raiju Plane. Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) will move to L3/LS. Holding L3/LS when flying all VTOL aircraft will switch it into and out of VTOL mode.
  • The option to re-request an active Mobile Operations Centre, Avenger, or Terrorbyte delivered closer to your location via the Interaction Menu.
  • Additional filters for Race types when browsing the Jobs Menu.
  • The Willard Eudora and Albany Classique Broadway will be eligible for Taxi Work when using Taxi Liveries.
  • Lesser-used vehicles will be removed from in-game websites to streamline the browsing experience. These vehicles will be made available via events showrooms, The Lucky wheel, and other places.

Gameplay Updates

  • A new Register as a Boss option in the Interaction Menu, merging SecuroServ and Motorcycle Club.
  • A Buy All option when purchasing Body Armour at Ammu-Nation. Rank requirements for Body Armour are also being removed.
  • Body Armour will be restocked after Quick Restarting a mission, matching the same Body Armour levels as when first entering the lobby.
  • When equipping Body Armour via the Weapon Wheel, the type of Armour used will be relative to how much damage the player has taken.
  • When parachuting or in freefall, players will no longer receive phone calls from Tom Connors or English Dave.
  • Madrazo Dispatch Services no longer requires multiple players and can be taken on solo.
  • Alternative sprint control (hold to sprint) in the Settings Menu.
  • Players will be able to select a name for their Acid product (via the Interaction Menu) to receive a 5 per cent sell bonus.
  • Rank requirements for Daily Objectives will be removed to allow more players to participate.

Balancing Updates

  • Payouts on many Collectibles and Events — such as Buried Stashes and Treasure Chests — will be increased. We are also correcting payouts for Gerald’s Last Play and A Superyacht Life upwards by 25 per cent.
  • Rebalancing weapons on the P-996 Lazer and Mammoth Hydra (Freemode only).
  • The Orbital Cannon can no longer be instantly reset or refunded to prevent players from being repeatedly targeted.

Career Progress

Track your criminal activities with Career Progress — a new feature that displays your progression as you rise through the criminal ranks and establish your empire. This will be accessible on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S from the GTA Online Main Menu or the Pause Menu.

Creator Updates

  • Dozens of new props are available in all Creators, including giant Licence Plate Walls, eCola cans, destructible fences, underwater mines, and more.
  • A Snow weather option for Deathmatches, Races, and Survivals. Plus, Halloween-themed additions arriving later this year.
  • Option to toggle musical score on and off.
  • Option to distinguish teams by assigning Outfits.
  • Deathmatches will now have options for Dynamic Teams — players can change teams when respawning and Health Drain — where players lose health over time. Plus, new radar blip options, the ability to lock time of day and weather options in the lobby, options to choose respawn time for item and weapon pickups, and much more.
  • Increased number of enemy spawn points in Survivals.
  • Fixture Removal will be available in the King of the Hill Creator.
  • The prop limit on PC will be increased to 300.

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