Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Already Has A Functional Multiplayer Mod

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Already Has A Functional Multiplayer Mod

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk released only a week ago, but players have already created and released a multiplayer mod so you can play with friends in style. The mod comes from the game’s community discord server, where players have been working tirelessly to create mods at breakneck speed.

For the uninitiated, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk involves “self-styled graffiti crews equipped with personal boostpacks…battling each other for control of the streets,” through dancing (and some pretty sick trick combos), graffiti, and collecting beats. Many consider it a spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio.

Twitter user @Kylerfunk shared a brief clip of the mod in action yesterday, with the Tweet reading, “>logs on to the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk discord >they’ve figured out a multiplayer mod, already gonna shit myself.”

NotNite posted the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk mod to Thunderstore recently as well, where it was outlined just what features it includes. A disclaimer warns that given the fast turnaround time, the mod is still highly unstable with a number of bugs and crashes. The mod syncs characters, movestyle, and outfits, as well as player position, animations, and dancing. So far, over 1,000 players have downloaded the mod.

The game’s discord features in-depth discussions on modding the game, with a whole channel dedicated specifically to creating multiplayer functionality which the base game doesn’t currently offer. There’s a number of other mods already live and in the works, including skins, combat mods, and one particular mod that essentially immobilises police permanently after defeat.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has already received overwhelmingly positive reviews from players, thanks to the “snappy and responsive” controls, great music, and iconic art style. One user praised the game for capturing “the lightning in a bottle that a lot of our childhood games possessed, while evolving it just enough to maximise replay-ability, intrigue, and enjoyment.”

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk released for Windows and Nintendo Switch on August 18, and is set to hit PlayStation and Xbox on September 1, 2023.

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