Look At This Metroid Prime Statue. Look At It

Look At This Metroid Prime Statue. Look At It

Valued reader, I need you to look at this Metroid Prime statue and tell me not to buy it.

At 39, I’m well beyond the point where the collecting of statues and other video game paraphernalia is of much interest to me. They take up room in the house. You have to keep the boxes and pack them up delicately when you move. Unless you have a display case, which is its own considerable expense, you have to display them in the open, which means frequently dusting or they get grubby. Considering they don’t actually do anything, owning statuettes is more work than you think.

But every now and then, a statue comes along that makes me reevaluate that personal policy. Like, for instance, First4Figures’ new Metroid Prime statue.


God, it’s beautiful. It’s just so sick.

The statue depicts Samus as she appears in Metroid Prime, in her classic orange, red and yellow Varia Suit. The statue is a PVC sculpt that stands 11 inches (28cm) high. In the box, the statue comes with two interchangeable arms, green LEDs that light parts of the suit up, the base plate with the Metroid logo on it, and a leaflet on the character and the statue.

There are two versions of this statue available on the First4Figures site right now: a Collector’s Edition, which is what I’ve outlined above, and an Exclusive Edition, which comes with a few extra bits and bobs. The Exclusive Edition also features a special box, limited edition numbering, an authentication card, and a rechargeable battery and USB cable for powering the statue’s LEDs.

How much can you expect to pay for such a fine Metroid Prime statue? Brace yourself: $US181.49 ($AU285.50) for the Collector’s Edition and $US199.64 ($AU314.05) for the Exclusive Edition (which is currently discounted to the same price as the CE statue). Shipping to Australia comes in at around $US39 ($AU60.50), but regular statue enjoyers will already know what it costs to move these things around the world.

If you want one, the first batch will be limited to 1,000 orders and will ship in Q1 2024. I would recommend bunging in a preorder if you don’t want to miss out. I will be over here trying to forget I ever saw it in the first place.

Image: First4Figures, Nintendo

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