These Mario Wonder Infinite 1-Up Cheats Will Make You Immortal

These Mario Wonder Infinite 1-Up Cheats Will Make You Immortal

Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the latest 2D platformer from Nintendo, has already won over critics and gamers alike for its inventive new worlds and unique powers. Although Wonder supplies you with a lot of tools to ensure your first playthrough won’t be a frustrating one, there’s one trick that’s especially useful and can turn Mario and his friends into immortal Mushroom Kingdom adventurers.

Jumping on an enemy in Mario is one way of many methods you can use to defeat them. And if you jump on enemies or projectiles in quick succession using fine-tuned platforming skills, you can get a bunch of 1-Ups (or extra lives). This handy trick, which dates all the way to the original Super Mario Bros., can be exploited in Wonder as well. Here are three ways you can use this exploit to farm 1-Ups in Wonder.

How to get infinite lives in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

One infinite life exploit, which we’ll call the Whack-A-Koopa, was originally spotted by YouTuber AbdallahSmash. For this trick, you’ll need to play as Yoshi and head to the second area of World 2, Fluff-Puff Peaks. Once there, not long after the start of the level, you’ll see a single brick and a warp pipe. Grab at least four Koopas and launch them into the air so that they line up single-file between that brick and pipe. After lining them up, use Yoshi’s flutter float ability to drop down on Koopas emerging out of their shells in quick succession like you’re playing a game of Whack-A-Mole. Do this enough times and you’ll start racking up 1-Ups in no time. Just be sure to stagger your jumps so that you don’t land on a shell and careen into the other Koopas by mistake.

If the above trick proves to be either too tricky or if you prefer playing as another character, there are two easier variations on the “indefinitely jump on an enemy/projectile” exploit in Wonder. The first of these, spotted by YouTuber Copycat, requires you to use a Parachute Cap (a badge item in Wonder) with any character on the Scram, Skedaddler’s map. After chasing a Skedaddler carrying coins towards a bunch of yellow barrels, you’ll need to use a combination of wall jumps and well-timed Parachute Caps to land on top of a flurry of projectile acorns. Like Yoshi’s flutter jump, the Parachute Cap will help keep your jump combo momentum up and get you a bunch of 1-Ups.


Another infinite 1-Up trick from CopyCat, arguably the easiest, requires you to grab a Koopa shell and place it in the middle of two pipes, which you can slide closer together to keep the Koopa sandwiched there. Then, you can wall slide down one of the pipes and hop on top of the Koopa head until you’ve yielded a satisfactory amount of 1-Ups.

Let us know if you plan on using these tricks in Wonder and be sure to help out your fellow gamers by commenting any other helpful tricks you’ve discovered.

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