Saga’s Alan Wake 2 Sweater Can Now Be Yours (You Have To Make It Yourself)

Saga’s Alan Wake 2 Sweater Can Now Be Yours (You Have To Make It Yourself)

If you’re wanting to get a little crafty (and festive), Alan Wake 2 developer Remedy might have just the thing for you: now you too can own Saga’s iconic sweater thanks to a new official knitting guide.

The  pattern for the sweater, which is peak cozy Nordic vibes with little trees and a deer on the back, was posted to the Alan Wake 2 official website and includes an overview of the design, pattern charts, measurements, and material recommendations. If you’re looking for handmade gifting inspo for Christmas for the Alan Wake 2 fan in your life (or you’re looking to complete the final piece of a Saga cosplay), this could be right up your alley. Of course, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, a knitted jumper right as we’re coming into summer might not exactly be ideal wardrobe staple, but what is fashion without pain (or a tonne of sweat)?

The guide comes just after Remedy shared official cosplay guides for Saga and Alan Wake himself, complete with detailed looks at the Alan Wake 2 characters outfits and accessories – including Wake’s satchel, which as the guide says, isn’t guaranteed to “repel the Dark Presence, but stylish nonetheless.”

Alan Wake 2 is currently nominated in eight different categories for the upcoming Game Awards, and less than a month on from release has been talked up as one of the best games of the year thanks to its gripping storyline, next-level realistic graphics, and for just being a bloody good game.

While my skills with knitting needles are rudimentary at best, for the crafty among you it looks like it’s time to dig out the yarn and get cracking on your next project.

Have you ever crafted something from one of your favourite games? Let us know in the comments below.

Lead Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment


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