Starfield Will Test DLSS Support Via Steam Beta Next Week

Starfield Will Test DLSS Support Via Steam Beta Next Week

Bethesda says Starfield will begin putting the finishing touches on its official DLSS support next week.

According to an announcement on the Bethesda Games Studios socials, Starfield‘s next update will go into Steam Beta next week. The update will contain the anticipated DLSS support for Nvidia graphics cards. If you’d like to try it out for yourself before the update officially rolls out, you’ll need to own a Steam copy of Starfield and opt-in via the Betas menu.

DLSS was one of the game’s big omissions at launch and created a modder’s arms race to see who could get a stable solution up first. One modder attempted to charge for their DLSS mod and was met with considerable community pushback. In response, that modder threatened to sabotage anyone who pirated the mod and, after that also led to community rancour, later promised to cool it with the sabotage.

It’s interesting that Bethesda is kicking off the Starfield DLSS rollout via the Steam version rather than the Microsoft Store version available in the Xbox app or an Insiders build. On the other hand, a September hardware survey shows that the overwhelming majority of Steam users own Nvidia cards. If you’re looking to test a feature only Nvidia cards can use, Steam is the obvious platform choice.

For AMD card owners awaiting an update on FSR3 support, unfortunately, there’s no love for you in the Steam Beta update. In a follow-up tweet prompted by player queries, Bethesda said more information on FSR3 support will be on the way in a future update.

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