They Turned Bluey Into An Xbox

They Turned Bluey Into An Xbox

They turned Bluey into an Xbox.

I don’t usually give a toot about special edition consoles. They’re often part of a trend toward the sneaker-fication of the video game hardware market. It’s an open urging to either trade in your old console or, hey, maybe just pick up a second one! It’s the same as the one you already have, but we put a Spider-Man logo on it!

In this case, however, I am willing to make an exception. Xbox has created a special edition console that feels like a matter of national importance to Australians.

They turned Bluey into an Xbox. They have crushed our Brisbane-born daughter, our national treasure, into a squat rectangle and installed a power supply in her back. They have cut a long slit into her abdomen, just below her shoulder, for disc storage. They have performed this act of barbarism to celebrate the launch of Bluey: The Video Game, a charming little game for kids that dropped earlier this month.

Let me be completely clear: you cannot pop down to your local EB Games and buy the Bluey Xbox Series X. It is not a console that’s being released for general consumption. Rather, it has been held in reserve for giveaways. There might be a few units given away as influencer gifts worldwide (destined to eventually fall into the hands of breathless Xbox collectors), but beyond that, it will never see store shelves.

Happily, the Bluey Xbox giveaway is open to just about everybody. According to the rules laid out in Xbox’s tweet, the giveaway is open to every region that Xbox operates in. That includes us, ANZ. If you’ve got a Twitter account, following Xbox and retweeting the embedded post above is enough to get you an entry.


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