I’m Not Afraid To Say It: I’m Excited For Halo Season Two

I’m Not Afraid To Say It: I’m Excited For Halo Season Two

I’ve been a fan of the Paramount+ Halo TV series based on the Bungie/343 Industries shooter franchise from the jump, so I was on-board for the second season long before the latest trailer dropped. Then, after I saw that trailer, I was even more hyped—not only are we definitely getting several episodes highlighting the fall of Reach, one of the most important events in Halo lore, but it’s also obvious that this season will ramp up the action with alien battles and gunfights galore.

This should assuage the worries of all of those who were mad that John/Master Chief (played by Orange Is the New Black’s Pablo Schreiber) had sex and cried last season. I liked the creative liberties the series took with the Halo universe, especially in its decision to flesh out Master Chief’s character, but there were a lot of adult babies crying about the fact that he didn’t remain the monosyllabic, masked man from the games. Toxic masculinity is real, y’all.

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Angry babies aside, this trailer is very, very promising. Narrated by what sounds like Makee (Charlie Murphy), the Covenant-sympathizing human that Master Chief gave his gravity hammer to last season (they had sex), it shows the streets and denizens of the planet Reach. “People of Reach, I bring you blessings,” the voiceover says. “Know that I am the instrument of your extinction. Know that I am death.” As the word “death” rings out, a guitar riff plays, and several Elites standing amongst rocks blanketed by dark fog light their energy swords. C’mon, that whips ass. That’s so cool.

The nearly two-and-a-half minute long trailer is fairly gloomy and somber—which makes sense, as canonically the Fall of Reach involves the destruction of the entire planet and the death of around four hundred million people. We see the destruction of UNSC ships, Captain Jacob Keyes (Danny Sapani) giving a rousing speech to his soldiers, and several of last season’s key Spartan characters amongst the fray, nursing injuries, crying single tears, and more. It also gives us our first look at actor Joseph Morgan’s take on James Ackerson, the ruthless UNSC colonel who was Dr. Catherine Halsey’s biggest rival. I’m excited about this for two reasons: Ackerson is a total cunt and will make for great TV, and Morgan has been a favorite actor of mine since The Vampire Diaries days (Klaroline hive, rise up). We know he can play a bad guy very well.

Halo season one kicked ass, but if this trailer is any indication, Halo season two will be even better. Argue amongst yourselves, you can’t change my mind. 

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