12 LGBTQIA+-Friendly Community Meet-Up Spaces Around Australia To Check Out

12 LGBTQIA+-Friendly Community Meet-Up Spaces Around Australia To Check Out

Have you been gaming with a local group on Discord for a while and want to take your meetups somewhere IRL? We get it. It’s important to touch grass sometimes.

But it’s also important that the venue you choose is welcoming and accommodating for all groups, especially those that come from vulnerable communities.

Countless LGBTQIA+ venues exist all over Australia, and we’ve collaborated with BWYASSS to create a site with a list of venues that are inclusive all year round.

Here are our picks for some of the best and most welcoming LGBTQIA+ venues, be it for gaming or for catching up with your friends. Additionally, if you are planning on catching up with friends you’ve met online for the first time, it’s best to let someone you trust know what your plans are for safety purposes.

Bernie’s Bar – Newcastle

Located in Newcastle, Bernie’s Bar is a great LGBTQIA+ venue for social gatherings and casual dining, giving pride somewhere to both flourish and relax.

From trivia nights, writer’s meet-ups, paint and sips, and an overall great food and drinks menu, Bernie’s Bar is a great inclusive experience for all.

Learn more here.

ESC Gaming Restaurant – Sydney

ESC Gaming Restuarant is located in Chatswood and blends Japanese cuisine with a delightfully cultivated gaming bar experience.

The restaurant has everything you’d need from a great gaming bar. Whether it’s scoring points at the arcade, hitting up the gacha machines to win some cute figures, or booking a booth with your friends to play great co-op games on the PS5 or Switch, you’ll have all the tools you’d need to have a great IRL experience.

Fortress – Sydney, Melbourne

It wouldn’t be a valid list of great venues if we didn’t mention Fortress, the church of Australian gamers.

Fortress has something for every gamer: great food, tavern music, a wide variety of board games, PC freeplay, a wide-ranging selection of arcade games, and more. Fortress also hosts multiple weekly events, from beginner DnD sessions, to Magic the Gathering tournaments and trivia nights.

If you’re planning a great IRL session with your friends, or to make new ones, you can’t do better than Fortress.

Read more here.

Pause Menu – Melbourne

Located in Fitzroy, Pause Menu Bar is a small and intimate board game and tabletop roleplaying bar with a chill and friendly environment that also serves up a mean toastie.

Like any great gaming bar, it comes stocked with over 200 board games to play with friends and side rooms you can bring your friends for a convenient DnD session. There are also plenty of community nights where you can dip your toes into different tabletop roleplaying games and meet other great people.

Check them out here.

Evie’s Disco Diner – Melbourne

Located on Fitzroy Gertrude St in a converted ironworks, Evie’s pays homage to the iconic era of 80’s New York whilst catering to modern taste and sensibilities.

While praised for their vegan menu, there are plenty of meals to choose from that cater to all. Evie’s is also open for bottomless brunches during the day, Queer Karaoke at night, and drag shows on Fridays.

Suss the menu and bar here.

The Deck Bar – Northern Territory

The Deck Bar is a laid-back LGBTQIA+ friendly bar and restaurant located in the heart of Darwin’s waterfront precinct. Enjoy delicious meals throughout the day, including hearty breakfasts, fast and tasty lunches, and quality pub-style dinners in a fun and casual atmosphere.

Check them out here.

The Flaming Galah Freo – Western Australia

Since 2022, The Flaming Galah Freo has been Waylaup’s premier LGBTQIA+ hotspot for a while now, serving up drinks and good times for all. The venue stresses inclusivity and tolerance towards its guests, welcoming allies and friends who vibe with positivity to settle in, have a nice meal and vibe out.

Check them out here.

Mary’s Poppin – South Australia

At the core of South Australia’s vibrant LGBTQIA+ community lies Mary’s Poppin, hailed as Adelaide’s premier gay bar and a cherished hub for inclusivity, celebration, and unforgettable experiences.

Check it out here.

Power-Up Bar – South Australia

Power-Up Bar is South Australia’s leading retro classic arcade gaming bar.

Here, you’ll find a wide variety of classic vintage arcade machines, board games, and fantastically creative gaming-themed cocktails that will make you blush from how outlandish they are.

You can find their many creative cocktail concoctions and more on their Instagram.

The Wickham – Queensland

One of Brisbane’s most iconic pubs, The Wickham, has been a proud supporter and meeting place for the LGBTQIA community for decades. If you’re in the area, stop on by for a warm meal, a cold drink and a nice chill environment.

You can read more about them here.

Netherworld – Queensland

As they call it, Netherworld is “a drinking hole, diner and collection of gaming relics from decades past”. The venue has cultivated a wide collection of diverse gaming machines, including 15 pinball machines, 25 arcade machines, classic consoles and countless board games.

Netherworld also runs plenty of community meet-up events like pinball tournaments, animation festivals and trivia nights.

You can check out their website here.

Want to continue supporting local LGBTQIA+ friendly meet-up spots? Check out the BWYASSS Supporting Pride Far & Wide site, made in collaboration with BWS. It features Pride events, inclusive venues, BWYASSS stores, and LGBTQIA+ owned and run businesses across the country who continue to advocate for members of the local community.

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