SAGE 2024: All The Free Games Events Happening In Adelaide This Weekend

SAGE 2024: All The Free Games Events Happening In Adelaide This Weekend

SAGE 2024, the South Australian Games Exhibition, returns this coming weekend. Now in its second year, the show is officially part of the Adelaide Fringe. There’s a heap of free games events across Friday and Saturday, and we’ve thrown a list together as a PSA. After all, what’s better than playing a bunch of cool Australian games for the low, low price of Free Ninety-Five?

Where is SAGE 2024?

Just like last year, SAGE 2024 will be held at Adelaide Studios in Glenside, Adelaide. There’ll be lots of signs and helpful staff to point you in the right direction, don’t worry.

Games at SAGE 2024

There’s over 30 South Australian devs bringing their games to the show this year, all of which will be playable on the show floor. See below for a full list of titles straight from the SAGE 2024 website. The developers and creatives behind each title will be manning their booths, so you can chat while you play! (I’ve been doing this job for ten years, and I’m begging video game enjoyers everywhere: Talk to people who actually make games. You’ll learn lots).

Main Showcase

  • The Sacred Acorn – A Few Dragons
  • Dungeons and Dining Tables – Catalyst Games
  • Super BAWK BAWK Chicken – Daytime Devs
  • Kadomon: Hyper Auto Battlers – Dino Rocket
  • Project: Nightlight – Fringe Realities
  • Blood Reaver – HellByte Studios
  • Secret Agent: Cold War Espionage – Kungfu Takeaway
  • Vincent the Vampire – Kye Elliot-Moyle
  • The Infinite Fortress – Lamplight Forest
  • Makers Empire – Makers Empire
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks – Mighty Kingdom
  • Roving Rovers – Mini Mammoth Games
  • Belt It Out! – Ortum Games
  • Fox and Shadow – Paper Cactus Games
  • CozyCommons – Pixel Cake
  • Pipsqueak! – Pond Games
  • Arena Tails – Quiet Rift Studios
  • Tech Hunter – Split Symmetry
  • Lucie’s Potager – Stellar Advent
  • Pick-a-Pocket – Stout Heart Games
  • Pedal Rebel VR – Toasterface Games
  • Punchimals – Two Lives Left
  • darkwebSTREAMER – we have always lived in the forest
  • Box Knight – We Made A Thing Studios
  • Meowing Point – Yofrancisco

Elevate Showcase

  • Spellborn – 7D Games
  • Crimson Cutlass – Cerulean Creative Studios
  • Seeker Neeko – Golden Age Studios
  • Beach Bums – Jazz King
  • Uncle Unco – Jonniemadeit
  • The Lights I Promised You – Solar Lightshow
  • Anvilheart – Towerpoint Games

SAGE Advice Panels

But games aren’t the only thing coming to SAGE 2024. This year, panels with well-known industry names will help up-and-coming South Australian developers get answers to their burning questions. Here’s the full schedule, straight from the SAGE 2024 website.

Friday, February 16

2:30 PM

SA Great: South Australian Games getting national support

Screen Australia hosts a panel with developers it has helped support in the past. Heidi Borge (CinnaDev), Leo Chung (Paper Cactus Games), Edee Korhonen-Bannister (My Colourful Mind), and Chantal Ryan (we have always lived in the forest) will speak on how seeking help from Screen Aus took their development ambitions to the next level.

4:00 PM

Choose Your Own Adventure: Pathways into a games sector career

Hosted by SAFC’s Petra Starke, this panel seeks advice from industry and educational leaders in Australia to divine the most interesting and occasionally less-traveled paths to success in Australian games development. Lauren Woolbright (Flinders University), Lucie Migne (Mighty Games), Cam Rogers (CRL), and Aiden Gyory (Catalyst Games) are your panelists.

5:15 PM

Destination Unknown: Where will gaming go next?

Hosted by SAFC’s Patrick Webb, this panel is a roundtable discussion about the future of the industry, what’s in, what’s out, and what’s coming up. Your panellists are Ron Curry (IGEA), Arthur Ah Chee (Cerulean Creative Studios), and Chantal Ryan (we have always lived in the forest). This will be a very good panel, I feel.

Saturday, February 17

11:30 AM

Power Up: Getting a job in the games sector

This panel, presented by Big Ant Studios, is about that most sought-after of goals: a full-time job making games. Hosted by SAFC’s Petra Starke, this panel is all about the ways people have found themselves making games at studios here in Australia and around the world, and what they did to secure that work. Your panellists are Mark Bracken (Big Ant Studios), Shane Bevin (Flinders University), Kirsty Parkin (Supaglu), and Euan Wynne-Jones (HellByte Studios).

1:00 PM

Supporting Game Makers: Funding and other support for game developers, and how to access it

Trying to figure out how the hell to access those desirable government grants to get your game made? Look no further than this panel, which will lay out the process in clear terms and provide guidance on what the judges look for. Hosted by SAFC’s Patrick Webb, your panellists are Chad Toprak (Screen Australia), Claudia Watson (Department for Trade and Investment), and Onnie Chan (Game Plus).

2:30 PM

Level Up: How to perfect your pitch, stand out and make your game hot property

You’ve made a kick-ass game, and now you want the world to hear about it? How do you go about getting it promoted? How do you get media outlets to take notice in such a crowded market? This panel will break all of that down, and more. Hosted by Petra Starke, your panellists are Jon Cartwright (Game Consulting), Leah Williams (GamesHub), David Smith (Half Giant, very good name), and David Smith (Kotaku Australia? HEY I know that guy. Please say gday if you’re headed the show).

Once again, all of this is completely free to attend. All you need to do is book yourself a ticket right here, because the venue does have a capacity limit. The tickets are (just to say it one final time) totally free to everyone.

SAGE 2024 happens this weekend in Adelaide.

Image South Australian Film Corporation

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