FF7 Rebirth’s Best Materia To Give Your Characters New Abilities

FF7 Rebirth’s Best Materia To Give Your Characters New Abilities

Characters in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth have access to a ton of abilities, many of which come from learning unique weapon skills. Others come from materia, particularly the yellow orbs referred to as “Command” materia. Equip one of these, and bam! You’ve got yourself anew ability.

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Some of these abilities are essential, such as Assess. Others are kind of silly, like Spare Change, which lets you throw money at your enemies. Note that this is not a complete list of all types of Command materia. If, however, you’re looking for abilities to heal your party, see our dedicated guide to healing and reviving materia. We’ve also got a guide on the best“buffing” materia to juice your character’s existing stats and abilities. And for spell attacks, be sure to take a look at our dedicated guide on magic materia.

Assess Materia

Arguably one of the most important orbs of materia you can find and use in the game, Assess is your guide to every battle. Once activated, you’ll get an overview of an enemy’s strengths, weaknesses, what they’re immune to, and any notable things about their combat behavior. And once an enemy’s been assessed in any given battle, you can hit the touchpad to pull up these details about them once more. You can find Assess materia in the following locations:

  • Purchasable from most item and materia shops
  • Part of Cloud’s starting loadout
  • Part of Yuffie’s starting loadout


Darkside lets you deal more damage at the cost of your hit points. For example, at materia level 3, you’ll increase Ability damage by 15% and will take 5% extra damage on each attack. You can find Darkside materia at the following location:

  • Develop with Chadley in the Nibel region


Jump is another classic Final Fantasy move. Usually restricted to those of the “Dragoon” class, Jump materia allows a character to soar into the air, only to land forcibly and deal some intense damage. You can get Jump materia from the following location:

  • Develop with Chadley in the Cosmo Canyon region

Steal Materia

A Final Fantasy staple, Steal lets you snag something from an enemy. It’s an essential part of successfully snagging the Tonberry King’s crown in the Saga of Seaside Inn side-quest. While you’re not always guaranteed to get something from an enemy, there’s all sorts of items you can pull from a foe, from potions to armor and accessories. You can find the Steal materia here:

  • Purchasable from most item and materia shops
  • Part of Yuffie’s starting loadout (duh)
  • On top of Solemnitude Manor in Corel Prison

Morph Materia

Morph is sort of a silly ability as it lets you transform enemies into…items! This can be a handy way to farm items, though if I’m being honest, Rebirth showers you with gil as you play more of the game, and Hard Mode doesn’t let you use items anyway, making the usefulness of Morph somewhat questionable. Whether you choose to use it or not, you can get Morph materia from the following places:

  • Develop with Chadley in the Grasslands region

Hey, what about the Enemy Skill materia?

Enemy Skill materia will give you access to select enemy abilities, which makes it a pretty valuable magical orb to have slotted into something. You can earn it by completing “Biological Intel: Know Thine Enemy” in Chadley’s combat simulator. From there you’ll need to complete more combat simulations and Assess a variety of enemies to learn more enemy skills. We will cover this materia in its own dedicated guide, so stay tuned!

Spare Change

Spare Change is another amusing ability. Once you equip this materia, you can literally throw money at an enemy, dealing damage equal to the total amount of gil you throw. You can get Spare Change materia from:

  • Develop with Chadley in the Meridian Ocean region


Gambler is yet another quirky piece of materia. Once equipped, you can use Gamble to randomly select an Ability or spell attack the party has equipped. You can find Gambler materia from:

  • Complete “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” side-quest at the Gold Saucer

Rebirth easily has multiples more abilities than Remake did in 2020. Though you may not find use for every one of these moves, many of them, like Assess, Enemy Skill, and Steal will prove incredibly valuable on your journeys across the planet.

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