Hey, Listen: You Can Skip Chadley’s Calls In FF7 Rebirth

Hey, Listen: You Can Skip Chadley’s Calls In FF7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a massive open-world RPG, filled with dozens of side quests, activities, and mini games. Accompanying those activities is a certain cyborg companion from Remake: Chadley, who has given you a “CHAD Module” so that he can call you all the damn time. And those calls aren’t just annoying—they temporarily prevent you from moving about the map.

While it doesn’t happen every time, Chadley will often call you after completing a random open world task to yammer on about something completely uninteresting. Over the course of a 100-hour open world game, it gets grating and interrupts the otherwise pleasant flow of nostalgic melodies, checking things off your list, and getting into fun skirmishes.

Fortunately, you can easily skip this nonsense. You’ll still have a brief in-game moment where you can’t move as new objectives are added to your map, but it does make things easier.

You can skip Chadley’s call, or fast forward line-by-line

Whenever Chadley calls you (literally after you put the damn CHAD module back in Cloud’s pockets-of-holding), you can just skip his nonsense by holding down triangle. You can also fast forward through the sequence line-by-line by hitting circle.

I now have nightmares of a never-ending call with Chadley.
Screenshot: Square Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Now if you’re like me and don’t like missing out on any dialogue in case there’s something witty you can repeat at parties (people love me) or an interesting tidbit of lore, I wouldn’t worry so much about skipping Chadley’s frequent check ins after completing open world tasks.

That’s because, once you’ve already mostly or fully cleared a specific region, Chadley starts repeating himself. If you’ve been enjoying Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, you’ve almost certainly heard Chadley say the same things over and over again—which is usually just him pointing out that something has appeared on your map. Since the game already forces you to look at the map when a new activity appears, Chadley’s reminders are mostly redundant and kinda irritating.

There are some interesting facts about the summons, however. Those, thankfully, can be listened to while moving.

There are other ways to learn about the world’s lore

When you activate a tower in the world map, your map will fill up with activities, such as the Divine Intel tasks. These are pretty important if you want an easier time fighting summons to gain their materia. Their location is signified both by the map icon you can unlock and by the glowing colored rocks you’ll see scattered throughout the world.

Smash one of those stones with your sword or a chocobo kick and a glowing light will guide you to the Divine Intel site. At the same time, Chadley will chime in to give you a bit of background lore about that summon. Nothing here is necessarily riveting, but at least you can move about the map while he chats.

You can also check up on world lore by hitting the touchpad, navigating to the Chadley tab and selecting region intel. There’s some neat stuff in there about different regions, so it’s worth checking out.

Chadley almost never has anything interesting to say…Mai, however is a little different

Holding triangle will skip Chadley’s calls, as well as when Mai, the game’s other AI companion, calls you after Fiend Intel tasks (you can’t skip her relentless summary and commentary during the fight, though). That said, the banter between Chadley and Mai is sometimes kind of amusing.

Also, Chadley’s incessant need to tell Mai to be quiet and that she wouldn’t know anything were it not for seems to be where all of Cid’s misogyny in the original game went.

As someone who spent her entire 100-hour run in Rebirth without knowing I could skip Chadley’s calls directly, I sincerely hope this guide has spared you from suffering the sound of Chadley’s voice any more than you have to.

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