Rockstar Finally Lets GTA Online Players Drive The Train, 11 Years Later

Rockstar Finally Lets GTA Online Players Drive The Train, 11 Years Later

3,811 days after Grand Theft Auto Online’s 2013 release, players can finally, officially drive the game’s indestructible train. And while it’s only possible in a specific mission in GTA Online’s latest update, it’s still a cool moment for many players.

On March 7, Rockstar Games released the latest free update for its never-ending online crime sim, GTA Online. This new update, The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid, shares narrative connections with past expansions and heists, and lets players take on corrupt cops and a drug-peddling cartel via a multi-mission experience that can be run solo or with up to three pals. One of the steps involved in taking down the cartel and the corrupt police sees GTA Online players finally getting a chance to steal and drive the train.

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The train is later used to sneakily deliver the player and their cohorts into the Cluckin’ Bell factory, where the cartel is operating, via packing crates. While you only get to drive it once, it still was exciting to finally, after a decade, get to control the train in GTA Online.

Previously, without using mods or glitches, there was only one moment in the single-player campaign of Grand Theft Auto V when you got a chance to drive a train. Since then, folks have always wanted Rockstar to update the game to add open-world train driving to GTA V and/or its online multiplayer spin-off, GTA Online. And to be clear: This new update still hasn’t added open-world train driving or the ability to randomly land on a locomotive and take control. But it has finally let players get control of the unstoppable train that has spent the past decade in GTA Online destroying players who dared to try stopping it or didn’t realize it was coming.

Of course, some players are curious if Rockstar would ever be willing to add train driving to GTA Online as a permanent open-world feature. This update seems to imply it might be possible, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Instead, ferroequinologists will have to wait for the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2025 for a chance at a drivable train that exists outside of just one or two specific missions. Or just load up GTA San Andreas on PS2 and relive the fun of driving those trains and going too fast and flying off the tracks.

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