The Latest Twitch Meta: Playing Games On Boobs And Butts

The Latest Twitch Meta: Playing Games On Boobs And Butts

There’s a new way to watch broadcasts on Twitch, and it’s not just pulling up a livestream on your monitor or TV and calling it a day. No, actually it’s a sort of Inception situation, where you’re now watching something like Fortnite projected onto a green screen of either boobs or butts. If that sounds confusing, please allow me to explain.

On March 12, risqué streamer Morgpie streamed herself reacting to creator Charles “MoistCr1TiKaL” White’s YouTube video about Twitch’s evolution. Instead of just doing a normal picture-in-picture broadcast, Morgpie did a split-screen view featuring MoistCr1TiKaL’s video being displayed on her ass. The video gained some traction online, but that wasn’t the one that seems to have established this new meta on the livestreaming platform. Instead, it was a different broadcast of hers from March 14, which saw her work out for a bit before green-screening her Fortnite gameplay on a huge image of her butt.

Now, other Twitch streamers have joined in on the platform’s newest meta. A handful of creators are playing games on anime tiddies, some VTubers are displaying gameplay on anime thighs and entire…bodies for some strange reason? I don’t quite get it either, but somehow this all makes sense on Twitch. Sex sells, after all, and the platform is no stranger to nudity, artistically implied or otherwise. Hell, even Hasan “Hasanabi” Piker got in on the fun, tweeting an image on March 16 of him squatting weights with Fortnite gameplay on his ass.

For her part, Morgpie is enabling this Twitch-ception, posting to Twitter on March 17 an image of her green-screened butt—in case anyone wants to use it. Not everyone is thrilled about all this ass on screen, though. “Twitch is cooked man,”one popular tweet reads. “This is the craziest thing I ever seen Twitch,” reads another. “What have Fortnite streams turned into,” wonders a third Twitter post. That’s a fair question, but the real one we should be asking, like Twitter user easymoneycam1 posed, is how Morgpie got the “quality on her ass so clean.”

Kotaku has reached out to Morgpie and Twitch for comment.

Courting controversy isn’t new for Morgpie, though, who’s previously been banned from the livestreaming platform for breaking the terms of service. In December 2023, she went live with the camera positioned at just the right angle to imply she was topless, testing the limits of the company’s broadcasting policies. This led to Twitch banning implied nakedness as a new “nudity meta” dominated the platform. So yeah, this might be the craziest thing anyone’s seen on Twitch so far, but I’ve no doubt it won’t be the craziest thing we’ll ever see there. Just wait.

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