FF7 Rebirth: How To Give Odin The Beatdown He Deserves

FF7 Rebirth: How To Give Odin The Beatdown He Deserves

Final Fantasy is a series that’s been known for its epic summons, god-like entities who’ll aid you in battle. Rebirth introduces a number of classics who you can acquire by defeating them in Chadley’s combat simulator. One of which is Odin, who is notoriously able to swiftly end fights with just one attack. Fittingly, he can do this to your party when you try to defeat him in order to claim his summon materia.

Not only is Odin capable of ending a fight immediately with his Zantetsuken attack, he’s also really strong and can easily take out your party if you’re not careful. Fortunately, there is a clear strategy to besting him. Let’s go over it here.

For the love of the Planet, don’t fight Odin at full strength

To quote OG Barret, “don’t go getting your spikey ass hurt.” There’s literally no good reason to fight any summon, let alone Odin, at full strength aside from trophy-less bragging rights. Make sure you scan all the summon crystals in a summon’s given region (Nibel in Odin’s case ) to weaken it in Chadley’s battle simulator.

He likes pain, so give it to him

Odin puts up a tough fight. But even if you’re properly leveled and specced out, there are other issues with this maniac: He will easily get bored of you if you don’t thrill him. According to his Assess menu, you’ll need to hit him with ATB attacks, cast debuffs on him, and evade his attacks to please him. Take too much damage on your end and he’ll end the battle with Gjallarhorn’s Warning followed by the match-ending Zantetsuken move.

Odin is nasty up close and can easily knock a character back, which will notably cancel out an ATB ability if you’re not careful. Ranged fighters are handy here. Barret and Yuffie, and particularly Yuffie in my opinion, are excellent for this fight. Be sure to make use of Yuffie’s elemental ninjutsu attacks, as well as her Art of War abilities to go in close, and doppelganger. Aerith is worth considering too, particularly with her Radiant Ward and Arcane Ward abilities active.

Ranged fighters can also raise their ATB sufficiently at a distance. If you’re like me and you prefer to rely on Synergy Skills to raise your ATB, melee moves like Spell Blade and Power Cleave are tough to land (especially Power Cleave as you need to be closer). Rely on ranged Synergy Skills, but make sure you’re popping ATB abilities as quickly as you can.

Be swift with dodges and debuffs

If you’re going to go in for melee strikes, pick a character you’re comfortable blocking, parrying, and dodging with. I like Tifa for this reason as I find her sufficiently speedy with her evasive slide. You should also have debuffs like Deprotect and Deshell ready to rock as they’ll keep Odin engaged in the fight and less likely to pop Zantetsuken.

Be ready to die, probably

Screenshot: Square Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

If you see Odin activate Gjallarhorn’s Warning, you’re probably screwed, but the situation is not totally FUBAR. You can use this as an opportunity to unleash a full out onslaught of ATB attacks if you’re ready. But if you’ve been taking a beating and feel like you’re not getting any hits on our ominous horse-rider, just go ahead and restart the battle.

Still, even if you’re at max level and have great materia, Odin can easily chew through hit points even on his lowest difficulty. My personal practice is to equip every character with materia for Cure and Raise across the whole game. That means every character can swiftly shift into healer mode if things get dire. If that’s not your style, be sure to protect the characters who have healing and restorative materia equipped. You very well may need it.

All of that said, the more damage you take on, the more likely Odin is to end the fight early, so try to cut down on how much you’re getting hit as much as possible.

Odin’s a tough fight, but his materia is well worth the effort as he’s very strong in battle and will give whichever character he’s equipped to some nice stat boosts.

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