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So there you are, minding your own business, when the CEO of Giant Game Publisher approaches you with an offer: he wants you to lead the development of a brand new entry in That First Person Shooter that he makes, and he wants you to make sure it's fun to play. How do you make sure it's fun to play?


I've not played any of Sega's upcoming sci-fi shooter Binary Domain, so it could be the best game ever created by human humans for all I know. I'm having an incredibly difficult time mustering any excitement at all for the title, and this new multiplayer trailer isn't helping at all.


The house that Sonic built and later remodelled is bringing their A games to E3 this year with Aliens: Colonial Marines and Anarchy Reigns. Binary Domain is their B game, followed by Captain America: Super Soldier and Crush3D. After that the whole alphabet thing falls apart.