Melodramatic Binary Domain Trailer Takes You Into Human/Robot Wars Of 2080

Developed by the same team that's made Sega's open-world Yakuza games, Binary Domain's a futureshock shooter that imagines the robot servants of the future rebelling against their human masters. You know, basic Skynet stuff.

The twist in Binary Domain comes by virtue of bots that are outwardly indistinguishable from humans, which puts everybody on edge. The moody teaser above highlights the mounting tensions in a world where automatons are the omnipresent enemy. Or are they?! As far as gameplay, you can peep some glimpses of vehicular combat and cover-based shooting, too. Look for Binary Domain to hit Xbox 360 and PS3 on February 28.


    Just pre-ordered based on this.

    in b4 tweeest ending where the protag or his squeeze turn out to be cyborg

    Hmmmm... looks good... but I like my shooters on the PC :(

    (Does it make anyone else wish for a Bladerunner RPG shooter)

    The music...? Nick Cave sounding dude (could actually be Nick Cave, don't know, don't care) with acoustic guitar and strings? Sorry but how the FUCK does that go with a gritty 3rd person action oriented shooter set in a distopian future with lots of yelling and explosions? I would love to know.

      Pairing slower dramatic music with a build up like that with footage that's more action orientated is nothing new. The Gears 1 trailer is a good example or for something more recent check out the Fall of Cybertron trailer.

      I think the idea is to create a more emotional feel. That there's more to it than just "yelling and explosions".

        I'm all for dramatic pairings audio visual contrast but the choice of arrangement brings nothing to this, the only dramatic thing about it is the crescendo towards the end, which could have been done with.

        Hear me out: Acoustic guitars are pretty much used for folk, country and blues music, and in those genres of music i have never heard a (serious) song about shooting robots that look like people in a distopian future (except maybe flight of the conchords). Usually dudes are singing about their unrequited love, trains and the mississippi, so where is the connection? There isn't really any focus on a love story or character development, just robots, shooting, explosions and yelling. In the future. So pairing this kind of music, usually associated with the exact opposite of subject matter adds nothing. Never mind juxtaposition because there isn't any irony or allusion involoved of any kind.

        Now strings are used all over the place, and generally go well with EPIC things, which this game (which looks cool might i add) has lots of so I have no problem with that, so why didn't they just use an orchestral score instead of putting some acoustic guitar and Nick cave wannabe (again don't know don't care if it's him or not)? It makes me slightly angry for some reason.

          "Acoustic guitars are pretty much used for folk, country and blues music" okay...sure.... And where does this notion that the song has to have lyrical content that directly covers what's being seen on screen come from? As for using just an orchestral score? Maybe because that's too dime-a-dozen? I think the problem here is not the pairing but your preconceived notions about this particular style of music. I don't mean that in a rude way but you seem to have this cemented idea about this type of music and specifically acoustic guitar having an extremely limited use.

          The use of blues/country-eque music is no doubt reflective of the nature of the story.

          Here we're presented with a dystopian future where the boundaries between human and robot seem to be become less and less definitive, and that 'natural' humans are on the verge of being replaced (hence the 'superior race' line). That being said, the protagonists are obviously opposed to this in some way or another, and the loss or replacement of the 'human' element of humanity is considered regretful and deeply sad.

          The song used is quite emotionally evocative, and very human. It is personal, and mournful. Its 'human' traits help to reinforce the themes presented in the story, as well as establish mood and atmosphere.

          Chazz raised a good example with the first Gears of War trailer. The song used for this trailer is very sombre and humbling. It matches the nature of the video; Fenix is presented in an empty, wrecked world. Throughout the entire video he is friendless and constantly being pursued. He never takes actively aggressive action, only ever running and hiding. When surrounded in the end, however, all he can do is fight.

          The trailer presents a deeply depressing world, where all that remains to do is simply survive. The song (Mad World) reflects this, and establishes a very effective atmosphere.

    Terminator meets Gattaca.

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