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Call of Duty: Black Ops III mixes the series' familiar first-person shooting with a wild cyberpunk storyline. The narrative breaks apart the further the player progress unless it finally explodes in a level that mixes World War II, zombies, and dying dreams. That level, Demon Within, is both the high point of the campaign and a horrifying cry for help from the game itself.


In case you haven't noticed, Call of Duty is kind of a big thing in Australia. And not just sales of the game itself, but the eSports scene.

The most recent Australia & New Zealand qualifier for next year's Call of Duty World League, for instance, had 50 teams. That's a huge turnout, as you'd expect for entry into a professional division that is sporting a US$150,000 prize pool per stage.

But perhaps the biggest news of all is this: as part of the online qualifiers, one female has become the first professional Call of Duty player to qualify for the World League. She's from Perth, and her name is Kayla Squires.


There have been bundles with the 500GB model that were good value. There were offerings with just the console that were worth considering. There have been 1TB editions that were perfectly reasonable.

And now there's this deal as well. It's not under $400. It's also not the 500GB model. But it does come with a suite of games that will really, really work for some people. Maybe even some families.


"Glitch" is the name of a move in Call of Duty: Black Ops III that lets you teleport -- but only back to the position you were in a few seconds earlier. It can be tricky to pull off because messing up the timing or positioning will leave you out in the open, vulnerable to all kinds of killing. Not for this guy, though.


You might not be playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 anymore, but plenty of people still are, and they have noticed something really weird. Poster art has been subtly changed, and it appears to be linked to a reveal for the next Call of Duty.