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Hardcore Souls fanatics aren't done when the credits roll. For some, it's the beginning of a longer journey -- New Game Plus, PVP, different builds. Bloodborne should have followed the same path, but it didn't take long for people to encounter limitations. Between a new patch and an expansion, The Old Hunters, that's no longer the case.


One of the more interesting new weapons in Bloodborne is Simon's Bowblade, giving players the unique opportunity to inflict long distance damage. With the proper stats, it can turn otherwise brutal boss battles into trivial affairs.


Ever since Bloodborne leaked onto the Internet as Project Beast, players have speculated it was possible to transform into something monstrous. Sadly, that wasn't really possible in Bloodborne. But with The Old Hunters DLC, the developers have given players an opportunity to embrace their inner animal.


It's always been confusing to access the downloadable content in the Souls games, and this tradition continues with Bloodborne. It's not as arcane as it was in the past, but there are steps you should be aware of -- it's not just a menu.


It's been almost eight months since the release of Bloodborne, From Software's excellent reinvention of the formula it developed with Demon's Souls. That formula? Kick your arse until you learn from your mistakes. Bloodborne's sole DLC, The Old Hunters, doesn't deviate from this; it's more hardcore than ever.