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Since it's a first-person shooter, and guns are pretty much your only means of communication in such a game, it's not surprising that Bodycount is all about guns -- but it seems as though Codemasters' Guildford Studio has taken gun worship to the next level.


I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting just a little bit sick of, you know, shooting stuff over and over again. Bodycount, from the creators of Black, looks like it's making a decent go of making shooting stuff fun again. How are they doing this? By making every single thing a bullet touches either disintegrate or burst into flames like a bloody Catherine Wheel.


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Codemasters' Bodycount, the first-person shooter that was at one point headed by Black creator Stuart Black, but no longer, is a curious thing. It's part inspired by Lady Gaga and all about "the bullet and its impact on the world".


If a video game contains guns, does it also contain bullets? Not necessarily. Well, not necessarily - get this - depending on your philosophical take on what it means for a bullet to exist.


No, not that Body Count. The cover of the upcoming Official Xbox Magazine reveals Bodycount, the new shooter from the creators of first-person stylised shooter Black.