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Until the latest iteration of Sony's noise cancelling headphones, there was one set of cans you were guaranteed to see at every major airport around Australia: the Bose QuietComfort 35 II. You'll still see plenty of those these days, but there's also plenty of competition from Sony's WH-1000XM3's.

Best part for you? Both headphones are fantastic, and they've both gotten a handy discount.

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If you ever fly on aeroplanes, you probably need noise-cancelling headphones. If you work in an open plan office, you probably need noise-cancelling headphones. If you ever feel the world is attacking your ears, you probably need noise-cancelling headphones. Therapy might help but try noise-cancelling headphones first. They’re really good these days!

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The world is a noisy place filled with screaming children, coughing commuters and your work colleagues clacky mechanical keyboards. If you’re looking to drown those sounds out or if you’re a frequent flyer that just wants to get the roar of jet engines out of their ears, noise cancelling headphones should be at the top of your To Buy list. Here are five of the best for your consideration.