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Remember those old Choose Your Own Adventure books where you'd be given two seemingly random choices, pick one and end up dead? Then you'd go back to the page with the choice, which you carefully held on to just in case exactly that happened, took the alternate choice and also ended up dead?

Soon you can enjoy that in board game form.


Ever wanted to be a tour manager for a punk band? In the unlikely case that your answer is yes, you can get a weird, not-entirely-accurate slice of that life in the band PUP's new music video, which is also a choose-your-own-adventure game.


Video: Here's a very cool concept with a great execution by the YouTubers at Many A True Nerd. They have created a Choose Your Own Adventure-style series following the story of Fallout: New Vegas, but instead of turning the pages of a book, you progress by clicking through annotations at the end of each clip.


Since 1975 the Choose Your Own Adventure books have given millions of kids the chance to determine their own destinies (at least in a literary sense). Sadly, the author and publisher of those books, R.A. Montgomery, died this week. But he leaves behind an incredible legacy in both publishing and, perhaps surprisingly, gaming as well.