Clickhole's Choose Your Own Adventure Has Plenty Of Shadows. And Skulls

Last year, The Onion further established its dominance as the home of internet satire with Clickhole, a parody site based on the BuzzFeeds of the online world. Clickhole isn't limiting itself to top X lists and posts filled with cat GIFs, no, it's offering hilarious choose-your-own adventures now too.

This article was originally published on Gizmodo Australia.

One such adventure, spotted by RPS' Shaun Green, is "The Mysterious Shadows of Skullshadow Island", which is very well known for its shadows, apparently. The character you play is one of two brothers — the Colemans, essentially a send-up of The Hardy Boys.

In typical text adventure fashion, you'll be going NORTH or SOUTH in no time, tracking down ghosts and singing sea shanties with your brandy-filled sibling.

It's not particularly long, with the endings usually involving death, though there is one where you become Killgar the Brutalist, the island's boy king. I also managed to lose a fight to bring my brother back into reality, but you know, that's quite a difficult thing to do.

The Mysterious Shadows Of Skullshadow Island [Clickhole, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    It was also found by Kotaku a few days ago.

    It may be a chore, but read your own site guys.

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