The Perfect Piss Take Of 'Kids React To Old Technology' Videos

Clickhole Skewers the Kids-React-to-Old-Tech Genre Perfectly

We've ran a fair amount of the Kids React series, particularly when those kids are reacting old video game things, like old computers or the NES. Now Clickhole has pretty much skewered these videos perfectly. Behold: kids react to their parents arguing on an old boombox.

Clickhole is basically the best. I love how their pisstakes head into completely dark, weird territory. Like this series of Iggy Izalea GIFs directed at the author's dying mother.

Clickhole is weird and amazing.

Via Clickhole


    hhmm they have seamed to change their direction in these videos

    boom boxes are awesome tho walking down the beach with one on your shoulders with a pair of shades on.

    I think u mean a TAPE DECK.

    Also all the kids were so frigging obnoxious at the start that I was just laughing by the end because I am a horrible person.

      I'm unsure what the hell we're meant to call those Cassette Recorder/CD Player/Radio hybrid thingies.

        Hmm, we just called them CD players, once they acquired CD playing technology.

    Clickhole is a pretty great site, I urge you to check out some of the articles there.

      I just visited their video section. Went through 4 random videos that sounded like they'd be hilarious, but were shit (imo). I laughed at this vid tho.

    Couldn't help but feel a little bad for the kids at the end of that one...

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