Watch Teens React To The NES And Feel Old As Hell

"It looks like a brick."

"From 1920."

Dear lord I am old. I am so very old. Will someone please stop recording teenagers reacting to stuff so that I can continue to feel like a hip and happening dude? I am sick of watching these video and realising that most of them were born after I graduated from High School. That is not a good feeling.

"I have an iPhone case like this."

That might have been my favourite comment of all. Dear lord. Our beloved video games are being repackaged as vague nostalgia to a group of a young people who don't even understand what they're being nostalgic about. This is brutal. This is truly, truly brutal.


    I find Maisie Williams rather annoying in anything other than GoT

      I was bothered by that until I remembered she's like 17-18 years old. She plays Arya brilliantly but otherwise why would I expect to personally resonate with someone 13 years younger than I am?

        Yeah good point. I guess it is not so much I find her annoying as I find teenagers annoying.
        Get off my lawn.

        Jesus. I actually had to verify this. She hasn't changed that dramatically over the series unlike Bran, so I never really noticed and thought she was 14 or so this whole time. Things like this make me wonder how they can possibly film all of it, even if The Gurm can actually finish the series. By then, Maisie Williams will be in her early-mid 20s while Arya is still 13 or so.

    I love these series of clips.

    Mum came around the other week and I queued some of these up for her. She had a blast seeing kids reacting to typewriters, Walkman, old computers and phones.

      Yeah I love the Kids React ones too. Much more than the others.

    You're not the only one this made feel old Mark!

    I just turned 30 (so slightly younger than prime NES playing age, though we did have one second hand later in its lifetime) and damn, combine this video with entry into a new decade and I am going to be looking for grey hairs later.

    Should have been called 'Arya Stark Reacts'

    Does anybody remember the Gamespot features of the late 90s/early 00s? They covered something like this. A bunch of young'ins were brought in to play SNES/NES games that weren't the blocky 3D eyesores they were playing at the time.

    Something about 'we showed them 2D Zelda and told them we thought it was better than 3D Zelda and that blew their minds' sticks in my memory.

    Does anybody remember this or even better can link to it/other Gamespot features from that time?

    "I have an iPhone case like this"

    I'm gonna get crotchety right now cause this bothers me. I remember, in high school, literally being punched and having rocks thrown at me for playing video games. Playing a NES or a SNES was something you had to 'admit' to. Now people but NES controller belt buckles, Gameboy hoodies etc to because they're cool. Ugh. And the worst thing is I don't know why I'm bothered by this, I honestly have no reason to be upset about it but for some reason I just feel like ...

    BRB, there's kids on my lawn.

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      If it makes you feel better, we're currently going full circle and people hate gamers again.

        Yeah, but at least they've earned it this time.

      Really? At my school everyone played games, if you didn't you were poor. I think I was in year 7 when the N64 came out.

        By the time the N64 was out, things were WAY different. I'm talking about the NES era. I was kicked out of my group in school for being a gamer, I hung with the surfers (and I surfed of course) and the day I bought a Gameboy to school I was ejected from the group so I went to sit with the geeks.

        I remember one time we were raided by a group of bros making wank gestures on their foreheads while yelling "NES HEADS!" and my friend Damien had all of his Jurassic Park collectable cards thrown in the bin.

          Yea, nobody knew I was a gamer back then... It was something better left unspoken. These days I walk around with gaming shirts on and a 8bit ringtone.

          Sounds horrible. Everyone loved NES where I was from. SEGA people were dirty and smelly, however.

          I remember having to keep my Star Wars obsession in the closet. I read every bit of EU I could get my hands on, spent all my money on Star Wars toys... lived and dreamed Star Wars because it wasn't acceptable for a kid where I was to like something that much. Even the nerds got it better because they spent their time on something 'real.'

          I've largely gotten over it, but there was a period where it rubbed me the wrong way to see adults my age with 'GEEK' and distressed 'vintage' Star Wars shirts. There are legit fans out there of course, but most people just adopted the fashion. They don't really care about the story or fandom, they just co-opted the culture because it was easy and after the stigma has been worn down, no thanks to them. Now it's looped around and the guys who wear Star Wars on their sleeve grew up with the prequels.

      This is literally my biggest issues with "gamers/nerds" today, they didn't earn the right to be called//classed as a nerd/gamer.
      And now they want to get rid of that as a label, fuck them, i got bullied for it i want that label, im proud of that.

      I had to actually physically fight people because they assumed being a nerd and playing games made me a pushover, some got the biggest shock of there lives.
      Your bothered by it because you earn't the right to be called that, you fought the battles and kids these days have no respect for the world they now live in.

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        I want to feel like that, but my instinct is that I should be happy nerd culture is no longer shameful, and be happy that my kids can take their DS to school and not be bullied. The more inclusive the better. I just want some recognition damn it!

    Back in my day if u had a hat with one of those straps. U did NOT wear it backwards. Flexi fit for life!

    The Nes was my first home console at the tender age of 5 ('87) and Zelda on it was what started my love affair with RPGs that continues to this day. Though the Zelda back then was incredibly light in the RPG department.

    Why do I get the feeling that if I watch this I'll become incredibly pissed off?

      Same. Even without seeing it I'm having flashbacks to the Back to the Future 2 Wild Gunman scene.

        Considering that's just over one year away (21/10/2015) and we've already got Kinect...

      It's not that bad. The kids were ignorant, but actually pretty excited about it.

      The funny part is they asked them if they'd ever seen the console, most of them didn't even know what it was. But they listed the games on it, Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc and the kids knew those. Funny how little has changed.

      Also, it was fun watching them suck at it. No regenerating health or unlimited checkpoints. Actually, I would like to see "Teens React to the Game Over Screen". I can imagine them sounding like: what do you mean "game over"? The game can't be 'over', how do I respawn or go back to my last checkpoint? Why am I back at the title screen?

        I was reading comments and there's a video of "Teens React to Punch-Out" where apparently most of them have trouble beating Glass Joe.

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          Man I still have trouble beating Glass Joe. I just plain old suck at Punch-Out, as much as I love it.

        I don't know about that, a lot of mobile games are still quite hard with game overs taking you back to the beginning.

          Actually, that's pretty true nowadays, especially since mobile is that bite sized gaming nugget that is suited to a short 'play as far as you can get' and 'game over' scenario. Good point.

            Ehhhh, not really. They're kinda designed to end in some ways to get you to buy more playtime.

    They should show them a ZX Spectrum. Then shoot them in the mouth with capsicum spray when they they attempt to make a snide comment,.

    God, i fucking hate the fine bros..

    I guess I'm lucky(?) i had this old technology at home to play around with. I'm around thier age.

    soon, mark, you'll be a part of the grown up version of this? the oldies looking at the stuff of today is hilarious. and cause im oldish, its where i first learnt of Epic Meal Time.

    Just you lil bastards wait until your middle aged and see a new episode if kids react to old shit!

    Everyone here sound like grumpy old-farts ! :}
    I love this kind of reactions with my childhood games, it reminds me when I found my father's antique Kodak camera!

    Auuuugh cringing to death at all the cartridge blowing!

    Wow. Just... wow. I am LITERALLY playing Zelda on my NES right now. And it is glorious. But these kids don't even know about that? Link must be sad, forgotten like that - after all he's done. Do you think Link needs a hug? I think Link needs a hug. I will give Link a hug.

    After I beat Ganon. Again.

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