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Thief: The Dark Project is genuinely acknowledged as one of the greatest stealth games of all time. The only times when it isn't is generally because people are nominating the sequel instead. But the original hasn't held up particularly well - although this mod does a damn good job of changing that.


Before there was BioShock, there was System Shock 2. The first full title produced by Irrational Games when it was still a tiny spin-off from Looking Glass Studios, this terrifying hybrid of a first person shooter and RPG first came out 15 years ago today. Let's all remember in turn just how scared we were when we first stepped into the Von Braun spaceship.


I've wanted to play Fallout 2 for a long time. The reaction I get from people when I say I haven't played it is much like the reaction you're probably forming in your head right now: Oh god, you're missing out, it holds up, do it, etc. The only problem: I kept getting stuck on the first dungeon.