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2017 has been an absolute insane year for incredible game releases. So many that I have barely scratched the surface when it comes to my personal shame-pile. But while I may not have gotten all the AAA action I wanted, I still managed to fall in love with plenty of titles.

Here are my favourites.


It's 5:30, and I realise in half an hour I'll be slammed with customers. Before they all get here I need to unclog the toilets, take out the rubbish, refill the drink machine and prep the hot dogs and pretzels. Before I get a chance, someone orders some nachos. Cook Serve Delicious 2 barely leaves me with time to breathe, and I love it.


It's Friday, and there's nothing better on a Friday like a greasy, slimy burrito. So we're going to make a whole bunch in Cook, Serve, Delicious 2!, and you can watch us while we fail.