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We've just gotten off the phone with a second Nintendo representative who informed us that, despite what retailers have been told, Nintendo are not seeking out an MA15 rating specifically. We've also been informed that it appears as though the media storm concerning Dead or Alive Dimensions and its photography mode was what alerted the Classification Board.


We've now spoken to both the Australian Classification Board and Nintendo regarding the classification of Dead or Alive Dimensions. The game has now been put in the unique position of having its classification revoked by the Australian Classification Board, and we now have more details on precisely why that has occurred.


Venerable fighting series Dead or Alive will get its shot at the 3DS with Dead or Alive: Dimensions. Here is the five-minute trailer for the game shown at the Nintendo World event for the 3DS.


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Street Fighter isn't the only fighting game making its way to Nintendo's 3D gaming handheld.